Test 10 Questions ATPL - Airline Transport Pilot license - Air Law, no time limit

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1 - Runway threshold identification lights, when provided, should be:
2 - According to JAR-FCL, establishment of separate type rating for aeroplanes will be assessed on the basis of three criteria. One of these three criteria is that the aeroplane has:
3 - Which does ATC Term 'Radar contact' signify?
4 - According to JAR-FCL, the validity of type ratings and multi-engine class ratings will be one year from the date:
5 - The applicant to exercise the functions of an Instrument Flight Rating in_____ aeroplanesshall prove, according to Annex I, PERSONNEL LICENSING, his/her capability to pilot such aircraft only by instrument rules and an engine _________.
6 - The documents for entry and departure of aircraft:
7 - The longitudinal separation minima based on time between aircraft at same cruising level where navigation aids permit frequent determination of position and speed, is:
8 - A radio communications, 'Distress' differs from 'Urgency' because in the first case:
9 - AIPWhich part of the AIP contains a list with 'Location Indicators'?
10 - What colour streamer identifies medical supplies dropped to survivors?