Test 10 domande Air Law, tempo libero

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1 - A braking action given by ATS of 0.25 and below is:
2 - While taxiing an aircraft receives the following light signal from the control tower: series of red flashes. This signal means that the aircraft:
3 - What is required if security personnel on board are to be armed?
4 - High intensity obstacle lights should be:
5 - In a precision approach category I, lighting system, the single, two and three light sources on the centre line have a length of:
6 - The 'Aerodrome Reference Code' is a code composed of two elements which are related to the aeroplane performance characteristics and dimensions. These elements are a combination of a number and a letter as in the example under listed:
7 - In the ground-air emergency code the symbol "X" means:
8 - AuthorityThe final authority as to the disposition of the aircraft is the:
9 - Where the State has not established minimum IFR altitudes, the minimum height of an aircraft above the highest obstacle over high terrain, or in mountainous areas shall be for an IFR flight:
10 - Which body of ICAO finalises the Standard and Recommended Practices (SARPS) for submission for adoption?