Test 10 domande Air Law, tempo libero

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1 - An aircraft which is not engaged in scheduled international air services and which is making a flight to or through any designated airport of a Contracting State and is admitted temporarily free of duty shall be allowed to remain within that State without security for customs duty:
2 - According to ICAO Annex 8, a certificate of airworthiness shall be renewed or shall remain valid subject to the:
3 - Which of the following Annexes to the Chicago convention contains minimum specifications for the design of aerodromes?
4 - Change from IFR to VFR will always take place:
5 - According to PART-FCL, an instrument rating is valid for:
6 - The ASHTAM provides information on the status of activity of a volcano when a change in its activity is, or is expected to be of operational significance. This information is provided using the volcano level of colour code. When volcanic eruption in progress or volcano dangerous, eruption likely, with ash plume/cloud is reported above FL 250 or is expected to rise above FL 250, the level of alert colour code is
7 - According to PART-FCL, an examiner's authorisation is valid for:
8 - When a controlled flight inadvertently deviates from its current flight plan, ATC has to be informed in case:
9 - The surveillance radar approach shall be terminated at a distance of 2 NM from the touchdown except when as determined by the appropriate ATS authority, the accuracy of the radar equipment permits to be continued to a prescribed point less than 2 NM from the touchdown. In this case distance and level information shall be given at each
10 - The longitudinal separation minima between aircraft departed from the same aerodrome and following the same track, and the preceding aircraft is maintaining a true airspeed of 40 kt or more faster than the succeeding aircraft, is: