Test 10 domande Air Law, tempo libero

Nuovo Test!
1 - Which of the following Annexes to the Chicago convention contains minimum specifications for the design of aerodromes?
2 - According to PART-FCL, an applicant for a CPL (A) who has satisfactorily followed and completed an integrated flying training course shall have completed as a pilot of aeroplanes having a certificate of airworthiness issued or accepted by an EASA Member State at least:
3 - While on IFR flight, a pilot has an emergency which causes a deviation from an ATC clearance. What action must be taken?
4 - Which of the following statements regarding aerodrome control service is correct?
5 - Runway-lead-in lighting should consist:
6 - The Rome Convention and later amendments deals with:
7 - An applicant for a commercial pilot licence-aeroplane shall have completed not less than........ hours of cross country flight time as pilot in command including a cross country flight totalling not less than ........ km (-NM), in the course of which full stop landings at twodifferent aerodromes shall be made. The hours and distance referred are:
8 - The white dumb-bell with black perpendicular bar indicates that:
9 - The phases related to an aircraft in emergency or believed in emergency are:
10 - When the Mach number technique (MNT) is being applied, and the preceding aircraft shall maintain a Mach number equal to or greater than the following aircraft a RNAV distance based separation minimum may be used on the same direction tracks in lieu of 10 minutes longitudinal separation minimum. The distance is: