Test 10 domande Air Law, tempo libero

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1 - Which of the following is obligating for members of ICAO?
2 - A signalman will ask the pilot to apply parking brakes by the following signals:
3 - Medical examination is normally limited to those people arriving from an area infected with which of the following quarantinable diseases?
4 - Special VFR flights may be authorised to operate locally within a control zone when the ground visibility is not less than 1 500 metres, even when the aircraft is not equipped with a functioning radio receiver within class:
5 - Holding proceduresIf for any reasons a pilot is unable to conform to the procedures for normal conditions laid down for any particular holding pattern, he should:
6 - A checklist of AIP supplements currently in force shall be issued at intervals of:
7 - The longitudinal separation minima based on DME, and each aircraft 'on track' uses DME stations, is:
8 - Holding procedures - Offset EntryAbove 14000 ft in still air, the outbound time on a 30° offset track is limited to:
9 - If no ICAO identifier has been attributed to an alternate airport (box 1 6) of a flight plan form...
10 - The transfer of an aircraft from one ATC unit to another is done: