Test 10 domande Aircraft General Knowledge - Airframe, Systems, Powerplant, tempo libero

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1 - In a steep turn to the left, when using spoilers ...
2 - Cabin differential pressure means the pressure difference between:
3 - About a twin spool compressor:
4 - Control surface flutter can be avoided by:1. a high torsional stiffness of the structure.2. a low torsional stiffness of the structure.3. locating a balancing mass in front of the control hinge.4. locating a balancing mass behind the control hinge.The combination that regroups all of the correct statements is:
5 - An engine pressure ratio (EPR) can be defined as the ratio of:
6 - A tubeless tyre has: 1- a built-in-air tube. 2- no built-in-air tube. 3- a crossed side casing. 4- a radial side casing The combination of correct statements is:
7 - A static inverter is a:
8 - When excessively leaning the mixture for a better fuel economy, but still on the rich side of the peak EGT, the following engine parameter(s) may exceed their normal operating ranges:
9 - In jet aeroplanes the 'thermal anti-ice system' is primarily supplied by
10 - The advantage of mounting the tailplane on top of the vertical stabilizer (a "T-tail" configuration) is: