Test 10 domande Aircraft General Knowledge - Airframe, Systems, Powerplant, tempo libero

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1 - Define the term "FATIGUE":
2 - The crash/fire axe is part of the safety equipment fitted to passenger aircraft. Its function is to
3 - An AC generator driven by a CSD unit:
4 - About a twin spool compressor:
5 - In large modern aircraft, in the air conditioning system, reduction of air temperature and pressure is achieved by:
6 - The fuel temperature, at which, under standard conditions, the vapour ignites in contact with a flame and extinguishes immediately, is the:
7 - Hydraulic fluids must have the following characteristics 1. thermal stability 2. low emulsifying characteristics 3. corrosion resistant 4. good resistance to combustion 5. high compressibility 6. high volatility 7. high viscosity The combination regrouping all the correct statements is:
8 - The advantage of mounting the tailplane on top of the vertical stabilizer (a "T-tail" configuration) is:
9 - The main purpose of a constant speed drive unit is to:
10 - The ice protection system currently used for the most modern jet aeroplanes is the