Test 10 domande Aircraft General Knowledge - Instrumentation, tempo libero

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1 - The limits of the green scale of an airspeed indicator are:
2 - VNE is the maximum speed:
3 - The principle of capacity gauges is based on the:
4 - The spin axis of the turn indicator gyro is aligned along the:
5 - If an EPR is set at a constant barometric pressure, with an increasing OAT, the thrust
6 - During a climb, the total pressure probe of the airspeed indicator becomes blocked
7 - Given:Zp = pressure altitude Zd = density altitudeTAS can be obtained from the following data:
8 - The block diagram of an auto-pilot is shown in the annex.For each control channel (pitch, roll and yaw) the piloting law is the relationship between the deflection of the control surface commanded by the computer (BETA c) and the:
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9 - The operation of the radio altimeter of a modern aircraft is based on:
10 - The QNH is by definition the value of the: