Test 10 domande Aircraft General Knowledge - Instrumentation, tempo libero

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1 - Regarding the operating system used for an on-board documentation (charts and company information):
2 - On the display of a TCAS II (Traffic alert and Collision Avoidance System), a proximate traffic is represented by:
3 - The alignment sequence of an IRS consists of: 1 - searching for the local vertical2 - searching for the true north 3 - searching for the latitude4 - searching for the longitude5 - comparison between the computed longitude and the one entered by the pilot 6 - comparison between the computed latitude and the one entered by the pilot The combination that regroups all of the correct statements is:
4 - The FMS Overfly function consists in:
5 - A synchroscope is used on aircraft to:
6 - A thermocouple type thermometer consists of:
7 - Torque can be determined by measuring the computed:
8 - The limits of the yellow scale of an airspeed indicator are:
9 - The range of a low altitude radio altimeter is:
10 - In a directional gyro, gimballing errors are due to: