Test 10 domande Aircraft General Knowledge - Instrumentation, tempo libero

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1 - On the display of a TCAS 2 (Traffic alert and Collision Avoidance System), a resolution advisory (RA) is represented by:
2 - If the pilot increases the reference pressure using the sub-scale setting knob, the altitude indicated by the altimeter:
3 - To indicate a temperature, a thermocouple requires:
4 - During a final approach, the flight director system is engaged in the LOC mode (holding of localizer axis). The position of the vertical command bar indicates:
5 - The measurement of the turbine temperature or of the EGT is carried out at the:
6 - A ground proximity warning system (GPWS), when mandatory installed on board an aircraft, must in all cases generate:
7 - When compared with the volumetric fuel flowmeter, the mass fuel flowmeter takes into account the fuel:
8 - The principle of the Mach indicator is based on the computation of the ratio:
9 - At 50 feet AGL during an auto-land, what happens to the glideslope signal?
10 - The magnetic heading can be derived from the true heading by means of a: