Test 10 domande Aircraft General Knowledge - Instrumentation, tempo libero

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1 - When, in flight, the needle and ball of a needle-and-ball indicator are on the right, the aircraft is:
2 - Given:Pt: total pressure Ps: static pressurePd: dynamic pressure The altimeter is fed by:
3 - Due to its conception, the altimeter measures a:
4 - During deceleration following a landing in a southerly direction, a magnetic compass made for the northern hemisphere indicates:
5 - While inertial platform system is operating on board an aircraft, it is necessary to use a device with the following characteristics, in order to keep the vertical line with a pendulous system:
6 - Flight Director Information supplied by an FD computer is presented in the form of command bars on the following instrument:
7 - In order to align an inertial reference system (IRS), it is required to insert the local geographical coordinates. This enables the IRS to:
8 - At a given altitude, the hysteresis error of an altimeter varies substantially with the:
9 - If the pilot increases the reference pressure using the sub-scale setting knob, the altitude indicated by the altimeter:
10 - Magnetic compass errors are: