Test 10 Domande ATPL - Airline Transport Pilot license - Aircraft General Knowledge - Instrumentation, tempo libero

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1 - The heading read on the dial of a directional gyro is subject to errors, one of which is due to the movement of the aircraft.This error...
2 - During deceleration following a landing in a northerly direction, a magnetic compass made for the southern hemisphere indicates:
3 - Given:E = electromotive force (emf) Tc = cold junction temperature Th = hot junction temperature K = constantThe relationship that applies to a thermocouple is:
4 - The 'Bourdon tube' is used to measure:
5 - A pilot engages the control wheel steering (CWS) of a conventional autopilot and carries out a manoeuvre in roll. When the control wheel is released, the autopilot will:
6 - The sequence of the automatic landing comprises several phases (from final approach to touch-down) actuated by:
7 - If the static source of an altimeter becomes blocked during a descent the instrument will:
8 - A gravity type erector is used in a vertical gyro device to correct errors on:
9 - The two main sources of information used to calculate turbojet thrust are the:
10 - When the intruding aircraft is equipped with a transponder without altitude reporting capability, the TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System) issues a: