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1 - What is the standard formula for convergency?
2 - The distance on a Lambert's chart, between two parallels of latitude the same number of degrees apart:
3 - Which of the following statements is correct concerning the effect of turning errors on a direct reading compass?
4 - The automatic flight control system (AFCS) in an aircraft is coupled to the guidance outputs from an inertial navigation system (INS) and the aircraft is flying from waypoint No. 2 (60°00'S 070°00'W) to No. 3 (60°00'S 080°00'W).Comparing the initial track (T) at 070°00'W and the final track (T) at 080°00'W, the difference between them is that the initial track is approximately:
5 - When it is 1000 Standard Time in Kuwait, the Standard Time in Algeria is (STF Kuwait 03 h, Algeria 01 h):
6 - Complete line 1 of the 'FLIGHT NAVIGATION LOG'
question gnav27.jpg
7 - The standard parallels of a Lambert's conical orthomorphic projection are 07°40'N and 38°20' N.The constant of the cone for this chart is:
8 - At latitude 60°N the scale of a Mercator projection is 1: 5 000 000. The length on the chart between 'C' N60° E008° and 'D' N60° W008° is:
9 - On The Earth's ellipsoid one degree of latitude near the equator is:
10 - During the initial alignment of an inertial navigation system (INS) the equipment: