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1 - Given:Distance 'A' to 'B' is 325 NM, Planned GS 315 kt,ATD 1130 UTC,1205 UTC - fix obtained 165 NM along track. What GS must be maintained from the fix in order to achieve planned ETA at 'B'?
2 - What is the definition of "morning civil twilight"?
3 - Given:SHA VOR (N5243.3 W00853. 1) radial 205°, CRK VOR (N5150.4 W00829.7) radial 317°.What is the aircraft position?
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4 - An aircraft was over 'A' at 1435 hours flying direct to 'B'. Given:Distance 'A' to 'B' 2900 NM True airspeed 470 ktMean wind component 'out' +55 kt Mean wind component 'back' -75 ktThe ETA for reaching the Point of Equal Time (PET) between 'A' and 'B' is:
5 - The purpose of the TAS input, from the air data computer, to the Inertial Navigation System is for:
6 - What is the meaning of aeronautical chart symbol No. 15?
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7 - The great circle bearing of position B from position A in the Northern Hemisphere is 040°. If the conversion angle is 4°, what is the great circle bearing of A from B?
8 - Given:True Heading = 090° TAS = 200 ktW/V = 220° / 30 kt.Calculate the GS?
9 - A Lambert's conical conformal chart has standard parallels at 63°N and 41°N. What is the constant of the cone?
10 - The lines on the earth's surface that join points of equal magnetic variation are called: