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1 - Given:True HDG = 206°, TAS = 140 kt, Track (T) = 207°, GS = 135 kt.Calculate the W/V?
2 - How long will it take to fly 5 NM at a groundspeed of 269 Kt ?
3 - What is the change of longitude between A (45°00'N 163°14'E) and B (31°33'N 157°02'E)?
4 - On a Direct Mercator chart at latitude 15°S, a certain length represents a distance of 120 NM on the earth.The same length on the chart will represent on the earth, at latitude 10°N, a distance of:
5 - Which of the following statements concerning the aircraft positions indicated on a triple fit Inertial Navigation System (INS)/ Inertial Reference System (IRS) on the CDU is correct?
6 - A great circle track crosses the equator at 30°W has an initial track of 035°T. It's highest or lowest North/South point is:
7 - The polar Stereographic projection is:
8 - An aircraft at FL390 is required to descend to cross a DME facility at FL70. Maximum rate of descent is 2500 FT/MIN, mean GS during descent is 248 kt. What is the minimum range from the DME at which descent should commence?
9 - Refer to Student Pilot Route Manual E(LO)1What is the radial and DME distance from CRK VOR/DME (N5150.4 W00829.7) to position N5220 W00810?
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10 - The flight log gives the following data:'True track, Drift, True heading, Magnetic variation, Magnetic heading, Compass deviation, Compass heading'The right solution, in the same order, is: