Test 10 domande General Navigation, tempo libero

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1 - In which occasions does the rhumb line track and the great circle track coincide on the surface of the Earth?
2 - An aircraft at FL370 is required to commence descent at 120 NM from a VOR and to cross the facility at FL130. If the mean GS for the descent is 288 KT, the minimum rate of descent required is:
3 - A great circle track joins position A (59°S 141°W) and B (61°S 148°W). What is the difference between the great circle track at A and B?
4 - Given:TAS = 140 kt, HDG (T) = 005°,W/V = 265/25kt. Calculate the drift and GS?
5 - Given:CAS 120 kt,FL 80,OAT +20°C.What is the TAS?
6 - Given:Position 'A' N60 W020, Position 'B' N60 W021, Position 'C' N59 W020.What are, respectively, the distances from A to B and from A to C?
7 - Given:TAS = 190 kt, True HDG = 085°,W/V = 110°(T)/50kt.Calculate the drift angle and GS?
8 - An Agonic line is a line that connects:
9 - Given:TAS = 130 kt, Track (T) = 003°,W/V = 190/40kt.Calculate the HDG (°T) and GS?
10 - What is the average track (M) and distance between WTD NDB (N5211.3 W00705.0) and KER NDB (N5210.9 W00931. 5)?