Test 10 domande General Navigation, tempo libero

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1 - Given:TAS = 470 kt, True HDG = 317°W/V = 045°(T)/45ktCalculate the drift angle and GS?
2 - An aircraft at position 27°00'N 170°00'W travels 3000 km on a track of 180° (T), then 3000 km on a track of 090° (T), then 3000 km on a track of 000° (T), then 3000 km on a track of 270° (T). What is its final position?
3 - The 'departure' between positions 60°N 160°E and 60°N 'x' is 900 NM. What is the longitude of 'x'?
4 - 265 US-GAL equals? (Specific gravity 0.80)
5 - Permanent magnetism in aircraft arises chiefly from:
6 - An island appears 30° to the left of the centre line on an airborne weather radar display. What is the true bearing of the aircraft from the island if at the time of observation the aircraft was on a magnetic heading of 276° with the magnetic variation 12°W?
7 - The chart that is generally used for navigation in polar areas is based on a:
8 - Waypoints can be entered in an INS memory in different formats.In which of the following formats can waypoints be entered into all INSs?
9 - 730 fpm equals:
10 - Where on a Direct Mercator projection is the chart convergency correct compared to the earth convergency?