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1 - Given the following: Magnetic heading: 060° Magnetic variation: 8°W Drift angle: 4° right What is the true track?
2 - Which is the highest latitude listed below at which the sun will rise above the horizon and set every day?
3 - Given:course required = 085° (T), Forecast W/V 030/100kt, TAS = 470 kt,Distance = 265 NM.Calculate the true HDG and flight time?
4 - Given:TAS = 132 kt, True HDG = 257°W/V = 095°(T)/35kt.Calculate the drift angle and GS?
5 - Given:TAS = 235 kt, HDG (T) = 076°W/V = 040/40kt.Calculate the drift angle and GS?
6 - Refer to figure:Which figure in the appendix represents the geographic latitude of position P, which is situated above the surface of the ellipsoid?
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7 - A Lambert's conical conformal chart has standard parallels at 63°N and 41°N. What is the constant of the cone?
8 - On a Lambert conformal conic chart, the distance between parallels of latitude spaced the same number of degrees apart:
9 - Given:Distance 'A' to 'B' is 475 NM, Planned GS 315 kt,ATD 1000 UTC,1040 UTC - fix obtained 190 NM along track. What GS must be maintained from the fix in order to achieve planned ETA at 'B'?
10 - An aircraft at latitude 10° South flies north at a GS of 890 kph. What will its latitude be after 1.5 h?