Test 10 domande General Navigation, tempo libero

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1 - On a polar stereographic chart, the initial great circle course from A 70°N 060°W to B 70°N 060°E is approximately:
2 - Given:For take-off an aircraft requires a headwind component of at least 10 kt and has a cross-wind limitation of 35 kt.The angle between the wind direction and the runway is 60°, Calculate the minimum and maximum allowable wind speeds?
3 - Given:SHA VOR (N5243.3 W00853. 1) radial 143°, CRK VOR (N5150.4 W00829.7) radial 050°.What is the aircraft position?
4 - Given:Distance 'A' to 'B' 1973 NM Groundspeed 'out' 430 kt Groundspeed 'back' 385 kt Safe endurance 7 HR 20 MINThe distance from 'A' to the Point of Safe Return (PSR) 'A' is:
5 - What is the approximate distance from A to B, given:Direct mercator chart with a scale of 1:200.000 at the Equator. Chart length from A to B, in the vicinity of the Equator = 11cm.
6 - A line drawn on a chart which joins all points where the value of magnetic variation is zero is called an:
7 - The equivalent of 70 m/sec is approximately:
8 - On a chart, the distance along a meridian between latitudes 45°N and 46°N is 6 cm. The scale of the chart is approximately:
9 - Given:Maximum allowable tailwind component for landing 10 kt. Planned runway 05 (047° magnetic).The direction of the surface wind reported by ATIS 210°. Variation is 17°E.Calculate the maximum allowable wind speed that can be accepted without exceeding the tailwind limit?
10 - (Refer to figure)Complete line 5 of the FLIGHT NAVIGATION LOG, positions "J" to "K". What is the HDG° (M) and ETA?
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