Test 10 domande Human Performance and Limitations, tempo libero

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1 - Hyperventilation is:
2 - What are the main characteristics of active errors ? They:1. are detectable only with difficulty by first-line operators2. have rapid and direct consequences on the action in progress3. occur at the human/machine interface4. lie dormant and are undetected at first
3 - With reference to the SHELL Model, S represents:
4 - Which of the following statements concerning barotrauma are correct?
5 - If during flight a pilot is in a mental condition of 'optimum arousal' he/she will be:
6 - Which of the following statements is/are correct?1. A person experiencing sleep loss is unlikely to be aware of personal performance degradation2. Performance loss may be present up to 20 minutes after awaking from a short sleep (nap)
7 - Medical conditions such as high blood pressure, coronary problems and diabetes are associated with:
8 - The following actions are appropriate when faced with symptoms of decompression sickness:1. climb to higher level2. descent to the higher of 10000 ft or MSA and land as soon as possible3. breathe 100 % oxygen4. obtain medical advice about recompression after landing
9 - The proprioceptive senses (seat-of-the-pants sense) are important for motor coordination. They
10 - In case of in-flight stress, one should: