Test 10 domande Human Performance and Limitations, tempo libero

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1 - Between which components, with reference to the SHELL Concept, covers pilot misinterpretation of the old three-point altimeter?
2 - General Adaptation Syndrome is characterised by the following phases: 1: alarm2: alert phase3: resistance phase4: exhaustion phase5: vigilance phase
3 - Behaviour is the outward result of ...................and is ......................:
4 - If a stop-over is more than 24 hours, the correct action is to:
5 - During sustained positive G-forces the order of symptoms you can expect is:
6 - A stereotype and involuntary reaction of the organism on stimulation of receptors is called:
7 - The two types of fatigue are:
8 - The rate and depth of breathing is primarily regulated by the concentration of:
9 - During flight all crewmembers have one or more of the following symptoms:1. blue lips2. mental disturbances3. tingling sensations in arms and/or legs4. reduction of peripheral vision Which is the possible cause?
10 - Below 70,000 ft., what gas makes up the major part of the atmosphere ?