Test 10 domande Human Performance and Limitations, tempo libero

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1 - Which of the following statements best characterise a self-centered cockpit ?
2 - Excessive exposure to noise can damage:
3 - Oxygen, combined with haemoglobin in blood is transported by
4 - The most dangerous symptoms of hypoxia at altitude are
5 - The physiological rhythms of a pilot in a new time zone will resynchronise to this new time zone at a rate of about
6 - Of the following statements regarding stress, which is correct?
7 - The barometric pressure has dropped to 1/2 of the pressure at sea level at
8 - Motor programmes are:
9 - The total gas volume of the lung is the sum of:1. tidal volume2. inspiratory reserve volume3. expiratory reserve volume4. residual volumeWhich of the following lists the correct combination?
10 - What can a pilot do to avoid automation complacency?