Test 10 domande Human Performance and Limitations, tempo libero

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1 - Contrary to a person's personality, attitudes:
2 - When considering the eating-habits of pilots:
3 - One negative aspect of the highly automated cockpit results in:
4 - Among the functions below, which is the most sensitive to hypoxia?
5 - What is meant by metabolism ?
6 - The effects of the following are cumulative:
7 - At rest the cardiac output (the quantity of blood the heart pumps in one minute) of an adult is approximately:
8 - Which of the following physical stimuli may cause stress reactions?-1: noise.-2: conflict.-3: temperature.-4: an administrative problem.-5: hunger. The combination of correct statements is:
9 - Which of the following is most likely to be overlooked should a pilot make a rushed decision?
10 - Among the factors that increase tolerance to long-duration g forces are: