Test 10 domande Mass and Balance, tempo libero

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1 - In cruise flight, a centre of gravity moving aft will:
2 - The mass displacement caused by landing gear extension:
3 - The aeroplane has a Take Off Mass of 58 000 kg. At this mass the range of safe CG positions, as determined from the appropriate graph in the loading manual, is:
4 - The loaded centre of gravity (cg) of an aeroplane is 713 mm aft of datum. The mean aerodynamic chord lies between station 524 mm aft and 1706 mm aft. The cg expressed as% MAC (mean aerodynamic chord) is:
5 - The responsibility for determination of the mass of 'operating items' and 'crew members' included within the Dry Operating Mass lies with
6 - The take-off mass of an aeroplane is 117 000 kg, comprising a traffic load of 18 000 kg and fuel of 46 000 kg. What is the dry operating mass?
7 - From the loading manual for the transport aeroplane, the aft cargo compartment has a maximum total load of:
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8 - A load placed forward of the datum
9 - By adding to the basic empty mass the following fixed necessary equipment for a specific flight (catering, safety and rescue equipment, fly away kit, crew), we get:
10 - With respect to a single-engine piston powered aeroplane, determine the zero fuel moment (lbs.In./100) in the following conditions:Basic Empty Mass: 2415 lbs.Arm at Basic Empty Mass: 77,9 In. Cargo Zone A: 350 lbs.Baggage Zone B: 35 lbs.Pilot and front seat passenger: 300 lbs (total)
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