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1 - The responsibility for determination of the mass of 'operating items' and 'crew members' included within the Dry Operating Mass lies with
2 - An aeroplane is weighed and the following recordings are made: nose wheel assembly scale 5330 kgleft main wheel assembly scale 12370 kg right main wheel assembly scale 12480 kgIf the 'operational items' amount to a mass of 1780 kg with a crew mass of 545 kg, the empty mass, as entered in the weight schedule, is
3 - 'Standard Mass' as used in the computation of passenger load establish the mass of a child as
4 - From the loading manual for the transport aeroplane, the aft cargo compartment has a maximum total load of:
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5 - For a particular aeroplane, the structural maximum mass without any fuel on board, other than unusable quantities, is:
6 - The maximum mass to which an aeroplane may be loaded, prior to engine start, is:
7 - At the flight preparation stage, the following parameters in particular are available for determining the mass of the aircraft:1- Dry operating mass 2- Operating massWhich statement is correct:
8 - If the centre of gravity is near the forward limit the aeroplane will:
9 - In order to provide an adequate 'buffet boundary' at the commencement of the cruise a speed of 1.3 Vs is used.At a mass of 120000 kg this is a CAS of 180 KT.If the mass of the aeroplane is increased to 135000 kg the value of 1.3 Vs will be:
10 - A load placed aft of the datum: