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1 - A aeroplane has a landing mass of 53 000kg. The range of safe CG positions, as determined from the appropriate graph in the loading manual, is:
2 - An additional baggage container is loaded into the aft cargo compartment but is not entered into the load and trim sheet. The aeroplane will be heavier than expected and calculated take-off safety speeds
3 - What mass has to be entered in the loading chart for aviation fuel F 34 if 170 l may be refuelled? (Fuel density = 0.78 kg/l)
4 - The maximum floor loading for a cargo compartment in an aircraft is given as 750 kg per square metre. A package with a mass of 600 kg is to be loaded. Assuming the pallet base is entirely in contact with the floor, which of the following is the minimum size pallet that can be used?
5 - Given that:- Maximum structural take-off mass: 146 000 kg- Maximum structural landing mass: 93 900 kg- Maximum zero fuel mass: 86 300 kg- Trip fuel: 27 000 kg- Taxi fuel: 1 000 kg- Contingency fuel: 1350 kg- Alternate fuel: 2650 kg- Final reserve fuel: 3000 kgThe actual TOM can never be higher than:
6 - If an aeroplane is at a higher mass than anticipated, for a given airspeed the angle of attack will
7 - The actual 'Zero Fuel Mass' is equal to the:
8 - A load placed aft of the datum:
9 - . The moment for an item is
10 - The maximum certificated take - off mass is: