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1 - Considering only structural limitations, on long distance flights (at the aeroplane's maximum range), the traffic load is normally limited by:
2 - The Maximum Taxi (Ramp) Mass is governed by:
3 - The Dry Operating Mass is the total mass of the aircraft ready for a specific type of operation but excluding
4 - From the data contained in the attached appendix, the maximum allowable take - off mass and traffic load is respectively:
5 - An aeroplane must be re-weighed at certain intervals. Where an operator uses 'fleet masses' and provided that changes have been correctly documented, this interval is
6 - On an aeroplane with a seating capacity of more than 30, it is decided to use standard mass values for computing the total mass of passengers. If the flight is not a holiday charter, the mass value which may be used for an adult is
7 - Traffic Load is the:
8 - The empty mass of an aircraft is recorded in
9 - An aeroplane is carrying a traffic load of 10320 kgComplete the necessary sections of the attached appendix and determine which of the answers given below represents the maximum increase in the traffic load
10 - The centre of gravity of an aeroplane is at 25% of the Mean Aerodynamic Chord.This means that the centre of gravity of the aeroplane is situated at 25% of the length of: