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1 - The flight preparation of a turbojet aeroplane provides the following data: Take-off runway limitation: 185 000 kgLanding runway limitation: 180 000 kgPlanned fuel consumption: 11 500 kgFuel already loaded on board the aircraft: 20 000 kg Knowing that:Maximum take-off mass (MTOM): 212 000 kg Maximum landing mass (MLM): 174 000 kg Maximum zero fuel mass (MZFM): 164 000 kg Dry operating mass (DOM): 110 000 kgThe maximum cargo load that the captain may decide to load on board is:
2 - A load placed forward of the datum
3 - The Maximum Zero Fuel Mass is a structural limiting mass. It is made up of the aeroplane Dry Operational mass plus
4 - At a given mass the CG position is at 15% MAC. If the leading edge of MAC is at a position625.6 inches aft of the datum and the MAC is given as 134.5 inches determine the position of the CG in relation to the datum.
5 - . Overloading has the following effects on performance:
6 - . The mass of an item multiplied by it's distance from the datum is it's
7 - An aircraft basic empty mass is 3000 kg.The maximum take-off, landing, and zero-fuel mass are identical, at 5200 kg. Ramp fuel is 650 kg, the taxi fuel is 50 kg.The maximum traffic load is:
8 - . The operating mass of an aeroplane is:
9 - An aeroplane is said to be 'neutrally stable'. This is likely to:
10 - Refer to CAP 696 Fig. 4.11:At the maximum landing mass the range of safe CG positions, as determined from the appropriate graph in the loading manual, is:
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