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1 - If obliged to jettison part of the fuel in flight, it would be better to do so:
2 - As regards the detection of bird strike hazard, pilots may obtain information on bird strike hazards by means of:1 - ATIS2 - NOTAMs3 - BIRDTAMs4 - Weather radar5 - The report by another crewThe combination regrouping all the correct statements is:
3 - To fight a fire in an air-conditioned cargo hold:
4 - The aircraft is a single engine, IFR, category A with a cruising speed of 150 KT. The aircraft is flown by a single pilot.The usable runway has edge lights, high intensity runway centre lights and RVR readings for threshold, mid and end of runway.The approach minimums for runway 06 are:DH = 300'Horizontal visibility (HV) = 800 mThe weather conditions are: horizontal visibility (HV) 900 m and ceiling 200' Is take-off possible?
5 - According to ICAO Doc 8168, a noise abatement departure procedure is NOT to be initiated at less than:
6 - A public address system is required to operate an airplane whose maximum approved passenger seating configuration is greater than:
7 - At the alternate aerodrome, the commander of a turbojet engine aeroplane should have a fuel quantity (final reserve) sufficient for flying during:
8 - During a flight to Europe, planned in MNPS (Minimum Navigation Performance Specification) airspace, you expect to cross the 30°W meridian at 00H30 UTC
9 - A category B aeroplane can carry out a circling approach only if the meteorological visibility is higher than or equal to:
10 - The inertial navigation system (INS) indicates: Position: 71° 55.1'N 094°55.3'WDrift: 6°L (left)The route followed in order to return to the VOR station is the meridian of the VOR station used:RESOLUTE BAY (74°43.6'N 094°55.3W), this VOR has North set on the local geographic meridian.The gyro compass has just been reset to Grid North (chart used: polar stereographic chart, grid parallel to zero meridian, Grid North in the direction of geographic North Pole).The correct representation of the RMI VOR/DME is at this moment: (the distance DME is in the box)
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