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1 - The operator must ensure that the mass and balance documentation of a flight is stored for a minimum period of:
2 - The application of a type II anti-icing fluid on an aircraft on ground will provide a:
3 - In accordance with JAR-OPS 1.430 (Aerodrome Operating Minima), the lowest minima to be used by an operator in a category B aeroplane for circling are:
4 - If smoke appears in the air conditioning, the first action to take is to:
5 - In the event of a contingency which requires an en-route diversion to an alternate aerodrome across the direction of the prevailing 'NAT' traffic flow and if prior ATC clearance cannot be obtained an aircraft able to maintain its assigned flight level should:
6 - For an aeroplane with a tyre pressure of 10 bars, there is a risk of dynamic hydroplaning as soon as the:
7 - Who is responsible for providing an Operation Manual in accordance with OPS 1 Subpart P for the use and guidance of the operations personnel?
8 - At which levels may Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) be used within the NAT region?
9 - A class A fire is a fire of:
10 - In accordance with OPS 1, an operator shall ensure that a pilot does not operate an aeroplane as commander unless: