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1 - Flights within NAT region shall be conducted in accordance with IFR when:
2 - During a flight to Europe, planned in MNPS (Minimum Navigation Performance Specification) airspace, you expect to cross the 30°W meridian at 11H00 UTC
3 - In the 'worst case' scenario of recovery from the effects of a microburst, having increased to full go-around power, in co-ordinating power and pitch it may be necessary to:
4 - If no meteorological information is available for the destination, the operator must:
5 - An aircraft leaves point P (60N 030W) on a true heading equal to 090 while the gyro compass, which is assumed to be operating perfectly and without an hourly rate corrector unit, indicates 000.The aircraft arrives at point Q (62N 010W) on a true heading equal to 095. On the journey from P to Q the gyro compass remains in free gyro mode.If the flight lasted 1 h 30 min, the gyro heading at Q will be:
6 - At a given position where: g = the longitude difference Lm = the average latitudeLo = the tangent of the latitudeThe transport precession is equal to:
7 - An aeroplane whose maximum approved passenger seating configuration is 31 to 60 seats must be equipped with at least:
8 - What transponder code should be used to provide recognition of an aircraft which is being subjected to unlawful interference:
9 - A list of dangerous goods, which may not be transported by air, can be found in:
10 - In case of an engine nozzle fire while on ground you: