Test 10 domande Operational Procedures, tempo libero

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1 - Item D of a SNOWTAM gives the cleared length of a runway in metres. If this is less than the published length, how is this reported:
2 - The flight data recorder must stop automatically to record the data:
3 - A public transport aeroplane is intended to be operated at FL 370. The cabin is fitted with 180 passenger seats. The minimum number of cabin oxygen masks (dispensing units) required for this aeroplane is:
4 - Which weather condition will give the shortest holdover time for a given ambient temperature and type of de-icing fluid ?
5 - Who has the responsibility for establishing operating procedures for noise abatement purposes during instrument flight in compliance with ICAO PANS OPS 8168 the:
6 - In the JAR OPS, a runway is considered damp when:
7 - In the event of communication failure in an MNPS (Minimum Navigation Performance Specification) airspace, the pilot must:
8 - Above which flight level do the regulations require a quick donning type of oxygen mask for the flight crew in a pressurized aircraft ?
9 - During a conventional approach, the Minimum Descent Height (MDH) is referred to the runway threshold altitude and not to the aerodrome altitude if the runway threshold is at more than:
10 - A category II precision approach (CAT II) is an approach with: