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1 - The field of application of the Minimum Equipment List (MEL) is defined by a phase of flight operation. The commander must use the limitations provided by the MEL:
2 - In the event of a contingency which required an en-route diversion to an alternate aerodrome across the direction of the prevailing 'NAT' traffic flow and if prior ATC clearance cannot be obtained an aircraft not able to maintain its assigned flight level should:
3 - In case of a hi-jack, the squawk code is:
4 - In NAT region, a revised estimate should be transmitted to the ATS when the estimated time for the next position has changed by:
5 - At the alternate aerodrome, the commander of a turbojet engine aeroplane should have a fuel quantity (final reserve) sufficient for flying during:
6 - CO2 type extinguishers are suitable to fight: 1 - class A fires2 - class B fires3 - fires with an electrical origin4 - special fires: metals, gas, chemical productsWhich of the following combinations contains all the correct statements:
7 - The operator must ensure that the information contained in the aircraft technical log is stored for a minimum period of:
8 - The flight data recorder must start automatically to record the data:
9 - According with DOC 4444 (ICAO), a wake turbulence non-radar separation minima of 3 minutes shall be applied to:
10 - In accordance with the fuel policy for isolated aerodromes (JAR-OPS 1), for aeroplanes with turbine engines, the amount of Additional Fuel should not be less than the fuel to fly after arriving overhead the destination aerodrome for: