Test 10 domande Principles of Flight, tempo libero

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1 - Upon extension of a spoiler on a wing:
2 - Positive static longitudinal stability means that a:
3 - The airload on the horizontal tailplane (tailload) of an aeroplane in straight and level flight:
4 - When comparing a rectangular wing and a swept back wing of the same wing area and wing loading, the swept back wing has the advantage of:
5 - When the air is passing through a shock wave the static temperature will
6 - How does positive camber of an aerofoil affect static longitudinal stability?
7 - Static pressure acts:
8 - Tuck under will happen
9 - If you increase the propeller pitch during a glide with idle-power at constant IAS the lift to drag ratio will
10 - The angle of attack of a blade section is the angle between the chord line and the: