Test 10 domande Principles of Flight, tempo libero

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1 - Given two identical aeroplanes with wing mounted engines, one fitted with jet engines and the other with counter rotating propellers, what happens following an engine failure?
2 - The unit of measurement of pressure is:
3 - An aeroplane maintains straight and level flight while the IAS is doubled. The change in lift coefficient will be:
4 - Air passes a normal shock wave. Which of the following statements is correct?
5 - The 'short period mode' is an:
6 - The effect of a ventral fin on the static stability of an aeroplane is as follows: (1=longitudinal, 2=lateral, 3=directional)
7 - Consider an aeroplane with: 1 a trim tab.2 fully powered hydraulic controls and an adjustable horizontal stabiliser.For both cases and starting from a trimmed condition, how will the neutral position of the control column change, after trimming for a speed increase?
8 - The aspect ratio of the wing:
9 - The stalling speed in IAS will change according to the following factors:
10 - A boundary layer fence on a swept wing will: