Test 10 domande Principles of Flight, tempo libero

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1 - A conventional stabiliser on a stable aeroplane in a normal cruise condition: 1 - always provides negative lift.2 - contributes to the total lift of the aeroplane.3 - may stall before the wing, in icing conditions, with large flap settings, unless adequate design and/or operational precautions are taken.4 - is necessary to balance the total pitch moment of the aeroplane. Which of the following lists all the correct statements ?
2 - Induced drag is created by the:
3 - Increase of the delta load factor due to a given vertical upgust at a given EAS occurs when:
4 - The span-wise flow is caused by the difference between the air pressure on top and beneath the wing and its direction of movement goes from:
5 - How is adverse yaw compensated for during entry into and roll out from a turn ?
6 - The torque effect during the take off run in respect of a right hand propeller, when viewed from behind, will tend to:
7 - A body is placed in a certain airstream. The density of the airstream decreases to half of the original value. The aerodynamic drag will decrease with a factor:
8 - Which of the following situations leads to a decreasing stall speed (IAS)?
9 - The point, where the single resultant aerodynamic force acts on an aerofoil, is called:
10 - In case of supersonic flow retarded by a normal shock wave a high efficiency (low loss in total pressure) can be obtained if the Mach number in front of the shock is