Test 10 domande Principles of Flight, tempo libero

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1 - Differential aileron deflection:
2 - The angle of attack of a blade section is the angle between the chord line and the:
3 - The terms 'q' and 'S' in the lift formula are:
4 - The angle of attack (aerodynamic angle of incidence) of an aerofoil is the angle between the:
5 - A CG location beyond the aft limit leads to:
6 - Which of the following statements about the spin is correct?
7 - What is the effect of an aft shift of the centre of gravity on ( 1) static longitudinal stability and( 2) the required control deflection for a given pitch change?
8 - What increases the stalling angle of attack ? Use of:
9 - Constant-speed propellers provide a better performance than fixed-pitch propellers because they:
10 - Trailing edge flap extension will: