Test 10 domande Principles of Flight, tempo libero

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1 - The manoeuvrability of an aeroplane is best when the:
2 - The positive manoeuvring limit load factor for a light aeroplane in the utility category in the clean configuration is:
3 - Which statement is correct about a spring tab ?
4 - Extension of FOWLER type trailing edge lift augmentation devices, will produce:
5 - In which phase of the take-off is the aerodynamic effect of ice located on the wing leading edge most critical?
6 - Drag is in the direction of - and lift is perpendicular to the:
7 - What is the purpose of an auto-slat system?
8 - The angle between the aeroplane longitudinal axis and the chord line is the:
9 - An aeroplane has a stall speed of 78 KCAS at its gross weight of 6850 lbs. What is the stall speed when the weight is 5000 lbs?
10 - Which of the following aeroplane parts affect induced drag most?