Test 10 domande Principles of Flight, tempo libero

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1 - The stall speed (IAS) will change according to the following factors:
2 - The unit of measurement of pressure is:
3 - A laminar boundary layer is a layer, in which:
4 - A slotted flap will increase the CLmax by:
5 - The angle of attack for a propeller blade is the angle between the blade chord line and the:
6 - An aeroplane is in a level turn, at a constant TAS of 300 kt, and a bank angle of 45°. Its turning radius is:(given: g= 10 m/s 2)
7 - Constant-speed propellers provide a better performance than fixed-pitch propellers because they:
8 - If in a two-dimensional incompressible and subsonic flow, the streamlines converge the static pressure in the flow will:
9 - How does stalling speed (IAS) vary with altitude?
10 - The regime of flight from the critical Mach number up to approximately M = 1.3 is called the: