Test 10 domande Radio Navigation, tempo libero

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1 - Which of the following gives the best information about the progress of a flight between 2 en-route waypoints from a RNAV equipment?
2 - You are on a compass heading of 090° on the 255 radial from a VOR. You set the course 190° on your OBS. The deviation bar will show:
3 - The selection of code 7600 on an aircraft SSR transponder indicates:
4 - Given:Aircraft heading 160°(M),Aircraft is on radial 240° from a VOR, Selected course on HSI is 250°.The HSI indications are deviation bar:
5 - What is the wavelength of an NDB transmitting on 375 kHz?
6 - In relation to the satellite navigation system NAVSTAR/GPS, the term 'inclination' denotes the angle between the:
7 - In the Flight Management Computer (FMC) of the Flight Management System (FMS), data relating to STARs and SIDs is stored in the:
8 - The track-line on the Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator (EHSI) or Navigation Display of an Electronic Flight Instrument System:
9 - Given:Magnetic heading 280°VOR radial 090°What bearing should be selected on the omni-bearing selector in order to centralise the VOR deviation needle with a 'TO' indication?
10 - An RMI slaved to a remote indicating compass has gone unserviceable and is locked on to a reading of 090°. The tail of the VOR pointer shows 135°. The available information from the VOR is: