Test 10 domande Radio Navigation, tempo libero

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1 - The skip distance of HF-transmission will increase with:
2 - Which statement is correct about GLONASS/ NAVSTAR GPS / GALLILEO:
3 - An Omni-bearing selector (OBS) shows full deflection to the left when within range of a serviceable VOR.What angular deviation are you from the selected radial?
4 - An aircraft is on radial 120 with a magnetic heading of 300°, the track selector (OBS) reads:330. The indications on the Course Deviation Indicator (CDI) are 'fly':
5 - Which of the figures depicts an Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) display in PLAN mode?
question nav1.jpg
6 - What is the value of the selected course?
question nav3.jpg
7 - On what data is a VOR/DME Area Navigation system operating in the dead reckoning mode?
8 - In the Flight Management Computer (FMC) of the Flight Management System (FMS), data relating to flight plans is stored in the:
9 - Which of the following equipments uses primary radar principles?
10 - The selection of code 7700 on an aircraft SSR transponder indicates: