Test 10 domande Radio Navigation, tempo libero

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1 - The Flight Management System (FMS) is organised in such a way that:
2 - How many clocks are installed in each NAVSTAR GPS satellite?
3 - The main task of the user segment (receiver) of the satellite navigation system NAVSTAR/GPS is to:
4 - The selection of code 7700 on an aircraft SSR transponder indicates:
5 - During a flight at FL 210, a pilot does not receive any DME distance indication from a DME station located approximately 220 NM away.The reason for this is that the:
6 - In relation to the satellite navigation system NAVSTAR/GPS, ''All in View'' is a term used when a receiver:
7 - The selection of code 7600 on an aircraft SSR transponder indicates:
8 - The frequency of an SSR ground transmission is:
9 - Which of the following alternatives is correct regarding audio- and visual signals in the cockpit when passing overhead a middle marker?
10 - Which of the following equipments uses primary radar principles?