Test 10 domande VFR Communications, tempo libero

Nuovo Test!
1 - In the event that a pilot is required to make a blind transmission, this should be made:
2 - Immediately following the MAYDAY prefix, an aircraft in distress should transmit:
3 - Which phrase shall be used if you want to say: 'Pass me the following information...':
4 - Which phrase shall be used if you want to say: 'I should like to know...' or 'I wish to obtain...'?
5 - What does "SQUAWK IDENT" mean?
6 - You are making a long straight in approach to land, at what range would you make the call "LONG FINAL"?
7 - When may the name of the location or the call sign suffix in the call sign of an aeronautical station be omitted ?
8 - Which phrase shall be used if the repetition of an entire message is required:
9 - Aircraft X-BC has been instructed to contact Stephenville TOWER on frequency 118.7. What is the correct response to indicate that it will follow this instruction ?
10 - What is the correct way of transmitting the number 3500 when indicating an altitude or an height?