Test 10 domande VFR Communications, tempo libero

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1 - An aircraft in distress shall send the following signal by radiotelephony:
2 - When is an aircraft station allowed to use its abbreviated call sign ?
3 - Which of the following abbreviated call signs of Cherokee XY-ABC is correct:
4 - What does "SQUAWK IDENT" mean?
5 - Air traffic control messages (clearances, instructions, etc.) belong to the category of:
6 - The clearance: 'cleared for immediate take-off runway 03' is:
7 - What does the phrase 'Squawk 1234' mean:
8 - RADAR informs aircraft X-BC: 'X-BC identified'. What does this mean:
9 - How can aviation routine weather reports (METAR) of specific airports be obtained by aircraft in flight:
10 - Under which of the following circumstances may you expect a solid reception of the TOWER frequency 118.2 MHz: