Test 10 domande VFR Communications, tempo libero

Nuovo Test!
1 - Which of the following abbreviated call signs of Cherokee XY-ABC is correct:
2 - If you are requested to report your height, to which Q-code-setting would you refer?
3 - Which is the maximum distance at which you might expect solid VHF contact over flat terrain at flight level 100:
4 - The clearance: 'cleared for immediate take-off runway 03' is:
5 - You are making a long straight in approach to land, at what range would you make the call "LONG FINAL"?
6 - Cherokee XY-ABC receives the following instruction: 'X-BC climb straight ahead until 2500 feet before turning right, wind 270 degrees 6 knots, cleared for take-off'. What is the correct read back:
7 - On the readability scale what does READABILITY 1 mean?
8 - An aircraft squawking 7700 indicates to the ground station that:
9 - Which phrase shall be used if you want to say: 'I understand your message and will comply with it':
10 - What does QDM mean?