Test 10 domande VFR Communications, tempo libero

Nuovo Test!
1 - Which of these phrases is used to inform the control tower that a pilot perform a missed approach:
2 - If a pilot receives an instruction from ATC which cannot be carried out, the reply should use the phrase:
3 - What does the abbreviation 'HJ' mean?
4 - A message concerning an aircraft being threatened by grave and imminent danger, requiring immediate assistance is called:
5 - Which of the following calls is a "GENERAL CALL"?
6 - Under which of the following circumstances may you expect a solid reception of the TOWER frequency 118.2 MHz:
7 - Which is the maximum distance at which you might expect solid VHF contact over flat terrain at flight level 50:
8 - What does the phrase 'Read back' mean:
9 - An aircraft is instructed to hold short of the runway-in-use. What is the correct phraseology to indicate it will follow this instruction ?
10 - RADAR instructs aircraft X-BC:'X-BC squawk standby '. What does this mean?