Test 10 domande VFR Communications, tempo libero

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1 - Which of these statements best describes the meaning of the phrase 'Standby' ?
2 - The distress message shall contain as many as possible of the following elements/details:
3 - What does the phrase 'Read back' mean:
4 - What does the abbreviation 'HX' mean?
5 - Which phrase shall be used if you want to say: 'I understand your message and will comply with it':
6 - How shall a pilot inform a radar control unit that the aircraft is not equipped with transponder:
7 - Which phraseology is to be used to ask the control tower for permission to taxi on a runway in the direction opposite to that in use ?
8 - When may the name of the location or the call sign suffix in the call sign of an aeronautical station be omitted ?
9 - The message addressed to an Area Control Centre 'request radar vectors to circumnavigate adverse weather' is:
10 - Which frequency shall be used for the first transmission of an urgency call: