Test 10 domande Air Law, tempo libero

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1 - Being intercepted by a military aircraft at daytime, what is the meaning of the following signal: Alternating movement of the ailerons, normally left of the intercepted aircraft, followed by a smooth turn to the left?
2 - The "Certificate of Airworthiness" is issued by the state...
3 - How can a pilot confirm a search and rescue signal on ground in flight?
4 - Air traffic control service is conducted by which services?
5 - What is the meaning of a flashing white light signal at a controlled aerodrome directed to an aircraft on ground?
6 - A flight is called a "visual flight", if the...
7 - What is the meaning of the abbreviation "SERA"?
8 - What is the meaning of an area marked as "TMZ"?
9 - What condition has to be met during a Special VFR flight?
10 - Two engine-driven aircraft are flying on crossing courses at the same altitude. Which one has to divert?