Test 10 domande Aircraft General Knowledge, tempo libero

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1 - What is necessary for the determination of speed (IAS) by the airspeed indicator?
2 - What difference in altitude is shown by an altimeter, if the reference pressure scale setting is changed from 1000 hPa to 1010 hPa?
3 - Which constructional elements give the wing its profile shape?
4 - Which gauges involve a measurement of temperature?
5 - The slip indicator's ball (apparent vertical) has moved to the right during a right turn. By what actions may the ball led back to middle position?
6 - How are the flight controls on a small single-engine piston aircraft normally controlled and actuated?
7 - How is referred to a tubular steel construction with a non self-supporting skin?
8 - The thickness of the wing is defined as the distance between the lower and the upper side of the wing at the...
9 - What values are usually marked with a red line on instrument displays?
10 - An aeroplane's current supply is carried out by the: 1. Battery 2. Generator 3. Relay 4. Circuit breaker