Test 10 domande Human factor and limitations, tempo libero

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1 - A risk factor for decompression sickness is...
2 - From which altitude on does the body usually react to the decreasing atmospheric pressure?
3 - For what approximate time period can the short-time memory store information?
4 - A deceleration during a straight horizontal flight can lead to the illusion of...
5 - Which of the following qualities are influenced by stress? 1. Attention 2. Concentration 3. Responsiveness 4. Memory
6 - What is an appropriate reaction when a passenger during cruise flight suddenly feels uncomfortable?
7 - At which point in the diagram will a pilot find himself to be overstrained? See figure (HPL-002) P = Perfromance A = Arousal / Stress Siehe Anlage 1
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8 - Which of the following symptoms may indicate hypoxia?
9 - What is the function of the white blood cells (leucocytes)?
10 - What is an indication for a macho attitude?