Test 10 Domande PPL(A) English - Private Pilot License (Aircraft) - Human factor and limitations, tempo libero

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1 - Regarding the communication model, how can the use of the same code during radio communication be ensured?
2 - What is a latent error?
3 - Which of the following options does NOT stimulate motion sickness (disorientation)?
4 - What is the best combination of traits with respect to the individual attitude and behaviour for a pilot?
5 - Which optical illusion might be caused by a runway with an upslope during the approach?
6 - What does the term "confirmation bias" mean?
7 - In which situation is it NOT possible to achieve a pressure compensation between the middle ear and the environment?
8 - A Grey-out is the result of...
9 - The majority of aviation accidents are caused by...
10 - What ist the correct term for an involuntary and stereotypical reaction of an organism to the stimulation of a receptor?