Test 10 domande Operational Procedure, tempo libero

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1 - Wake turbulence is particularly strong...
2 - What minimum coverage with ice or snow must be given to call a runway "contaminated"?
3 - A technical fault requires an emergency off-field landing. Which steps, with respect to the pilot's operating handbook, are necessary?
4 - When should turns at low altitudes above villages be avoided with regard to noise abatement procedures?
5 - Under which circumstances may a runway be considered to be contaminated?
6 - During final approach, the glider pilot realizes a very bumpy surface on a selected offfield landing site. What technique may be recommended for landing?
7 - What are the effects of wet grass on the take-off and landing distance?
8 - How does the pilot prepare for a VFR flight over a large distance of water, when it is unlikely that land can be reached in case of an engine failure?
9 - Which danger exists during engine start?
10 - Which phenomenon may be expected at point 3 of the miroburst? See figure (OPR-001) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 1
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