Test 10 domande Principle of Flight, tempo libero

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1 - Stability around which axis is mainly influenced by the center of gravity's longitudinal position?
2 - Stabilization around the lateral axis during cruise is achieved by the...
3 - Which statement about the airflow around an aerofoil is correct if the angle of attack decreases?
4 - What effects typically result from propeller icing?
5 - Bernoulli's equation for frictionless, incompressible gases states that...
6 - Which constructive feature has the purpose to reduce stearing forces?
7 - During a straight and steady climb, which force acts addionally, and in the same direction as the drag force, resulting in more power required for climb than for horizontal flight?
8 - Number 3 in the drawing corresponds to the... See figure (PFA-010) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 1
question 51-11-12.jpg
9 - Which point on the aerofoil is represented by number 3? See figure (PFA-009) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 2
question 51-15-16-18.jpg
10 - The drag coefficient...