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1 - Stability around which axis is mainly influenced by the center of gravity's longitudinal position?
2 - The fuselage structure may be damaged by...
3 - The load factor "n" describes the relationship between...
4 - What kind of information should be included in an urgency message?
5 - What is the meaning of the abbreviation "VMC"?
6 - Compared to trailing edge flaps, leading edge devices like Slots...
7 - What has to be considered when taking off in a ground inversion?
8 - Which distances to clouds have to be maintained during a VFR flight in airpaces C, D and E?
9 - The trim tab at the elevator is defelected upwards. In which position is the corresponding indicator?
10 - (For this question, please use annex PFP-063) According ICAO, what symbol indicates a general spot elevation? (2,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 24
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11 - A wind shear is...
12 - What phrase is used by a pilot to inform the tower about a go-around?
13 - What is the meaning of the white arc on the airspeed indicator?
14 - Given the following data: Take-Off fuel = 200 lbs Alternate fuel = 40 lbs Final reserve fuel = 30 lbs After 25 minutes the remaining fuel is 120 lbs. Assuming that fuel flow will remain unchanged, the remaining time to the destination should not exceed:
15 - Air consists of oxygen, nitrogen and other gases. What is the approximate percentage of other gases?
16 - In flight, a little smoke emerges from behind the instrument panel. An electrical fire is suspected. Which action, with respect to the pilot's operating manual, should be taken?
17 - For what approximate time period can the short-time memory store information?
18 - The term 'civil twilight' is defined as...
19 - What information is provided in the part "AD" of the AIP?
20 - Number 3 in the drawing corresponds to the... See figure (PFA-010) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 1
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21 - Given the following data for a VFR flight: Trip fuel = 70 US gallons Contingency fuel = 5% of trip fuel Alternate and final reserve fuel = 20 US gallons Usable fuel at take-off = 95 US gallons After half of the distance you read that you have consumed 40 US gallons. Assume that fuel flow remains unchanged. Which statement is correct?
22 - The term "steady flight" is defined as...
23 - What does the reported runway condition "DAMP" mean?
24 - What has to be considered with regard to the center of gravity position?
25 - How are two parallel runways designated?
26 - A light aircraft intends to land behind a commercial airliner belonging to wake turbulence category "medium" or "heavy" on a long runway. How can the wake turbulence of the commercial aircraft be avoided?
27 - What information can be obtained from satallite images?
28 - When using a GPS for tracking to the next waypoint, a deviation indication is shown by a vertical bar and dots to the left and to the right of the bar. What statement describes the correct interpretation of the display?
29 - An aircraft is following a true course (TC) of 040° at a constant true airspeed (TAS) of 180 kt. The wind vector is 350°/30 kt. The wind correction angle (WCA) equals...
30 - During a flight, a flight plan can be filed at the...
31 - What clouds and weather may result from an humid and instable air mass, that is pushed against a chain of mountains by the predominant wind and forced to rise?
32 - Stabilization around the lateral axis during cruise is achieved by the...
33 - At which airspeed do you climb to flight level (FL) 75 after a departure from an airfield which is located at a pressure altitude of 3000 ft with an initial mass of 3000 lbs? OAT at airfield: 25° C OAT in FL 75: 0° C See annex (PFP-023) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 14
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34 - (For this questions use attachment or CAP697 SEP1 Fig. 2.2 Table 2.2.3) For planning a VFR flight, the following data are given: Flight time with planning "overhead-overhead" = 2h 43min Pressure Altitude = 6.500 ft Temperature = ISA-20 Power setting = 2300 RPM Taxi Fuel = 2 USG Additional time for climb = 7 min, Additional time for approach and landing = 10 min The reserve fuel has to be 30% of trip fuel. Determine the minimum block fuel: (2,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 21
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35 - What is the meaning of the abbreviation "SERA"?
36 - Two aircraft of the same type, same grossweight and same configuration fly at different airspeeds. Which aircraft will cause more severe wake turbulence?
37 - When extending the flaps for landing at constant angle of attack, in which way does the lift coefficient change far before reaching the maximum lift coefficient?
38 - How does aircraft flap configuration influence the take-off performance?
39 - What extinguishing agent is the least suitable for an aircraft fire?
40 - The result of a rear C.G. position is...
41 - The term "maximum elevation figure" (MEF) is defined as...
42 - Which of the following options is NOT a sufficient reason to fly below the required minimum height?
43 - An inversion layer close to the ground can be caused by...
44 - Given values: Calculated take-off mass = 746 kg calculated CG = 37.1 cm fuel burn = 30.5 l on station 45 cm. Where is the CG situated after the landing?
45 - According to the aeronautical chart, Friesach/Hirt (LOKH) has a 707 m grass runway. Prevailing runway is 17 due to a surface wind of 18010KT. The required landing distance for your aircraft under present conditions is 550 m. Considering the NOTAM below ,is it safe to plan LOKH as an alternate aerodrome? See figure (PFP-026) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 17
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46 - Number 2 on the gear designates the... See figure (AGK-005) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 3
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47 - What minimum coverage with ice or snow must be given to call a runway "contaminated"?
48 - The bank angle of a 2-minutes circle depends on the...
49 - A true altitude is...
50 - What is the meaning of a flashing green light signal at a controlled aerodrome directed to an aircraft in flight?
51 - The laminar boundary layer on the aerofoil is located between...
52 - The saturated adiabatic lapse rate is...
53 - If surrounded by airflow (v>0), any arbitrarily shaped body produces...
54 - Which are the properties of a Lambert conformal chart?
55 - In which outside air temperature is icing most likely?
56 - How do spread and relative humidity change with increasing temperature?
57 - In which mentioned situation is the total drag at its minimum?
58 - What temperatures are most dangerous with respect to airframe icing?
59 - What is the correct way of acknowledging the instruction "DZF after lift-off climb straight ahead until 2500 feet before turning right heading 220 degrees, wind 090 degrees, 5 knots, runway 12, cleared for take-off"?
60 - Above the friction layer, with a prevailing pressure gradient, the wind direction is...
61 - What is the meaning of a flashing red light signal at a controlled aerodrome directed to an aircraft on ground?
62 - Which danger exists during engine start?
63 - What action should be taken when entering a windshear? 1. Reduce speed 2. Retract gear and flaps 3. Maintain current configuration 4. Adjust thrust
64 - Given: TC: 179°; WCA: -12°; VAR: 004° E; DEV: +002° What are MH and MC?
65 - What is meant by "ground effect"?
66 - "Foehn" conditions usually develop with...
67 - In which situation is it NOT possible to achieve a pressure compensation between the middle ear and the environment?
68 - What is the percentage of nitrogen in the atmosphere?
69 - The speed Vy is defined as...
70 - (For this question, please use annex PFP-062) According ICAO, what symbol indicates a civil airport (not international airport) with paved runway? (2,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 23
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71 - Which area is suitable for an off-field landing?
72 - What is shown on the printed sign? See figure (ALW-019) Siehe Anlage 1
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73 - An acceleration during a straight horizontal flight can lead to the illusion of...
74 - What is the meaning of a flashing red light signal at a controlled aerodrome directed to an aircraft in flight?
75 - With increasing altitude, the power of a carburettor engine...
76 - Given: TC: 183°; WCA: +011°; MH: 198°; CH: 200° What are the TH and the DEV?
77 - Which validity does the "Certificate of Airworthiness" have?
78 - Given a visibility of 12 km, what is the correct way to transmit this visibility?
79 - How may windshear be recognised in flight?
80 - What does the abbreviation HSI stand for?
81 - A vertical speed indicator connected to a too big equalizing tank results in...
82 - What is an indication for a macho attitude?
83 - How can a wind shear encounter in flight be avoided?
84 - What kind of drag is NOT part of the parasite drag?
85 - (For this questions use attachment or CAP697 SEP1 Fig. 2.2 Table 2.2.3) For planning a VFR flight, the following data are given: Flight time with planning "overhead-overhead" = 2h 42min Pressure Altitude = 7.500 ft Temperature = ISA Power setting = 2300 RPM Taxi Fuel = 2 USG Additional time for climb = 8 min, Additional time for approach and landing = 10 min The reserve fuel has to be 30% of trip fuel. Determine the minimum block fuel: (2,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 21
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86 - A vertical speed indicator measures the difference between...
87 - Which answer contains every state of water found in the atmosphere?
88 - During a flight with a flight plan submitted, landing is conducted at an airfield other than the destination stated in the filed flight plan. Who has to be contacted by the pilot immediately?
89 - What has to be done before entering a TMZ?
90 - Where is the brake system installed to slow the aircraft on ground?
91 - What is the correct way of using the aircraft call sign at first contact?
92 - Given the following information, what range can be achieved? Outside air temperature: 22° C Pressure altitude: 2000 ft Power: 55 % See annex (PFP-013) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 12
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93 - The "spread" is defined as...
94 - What is the distance between the parallels of latitude 48°N and 49°N along a meridian line?
95 - Under which circumstances may a runway be considered to be contaminated?
96 - In comparison to the true airspeed in still air conditions, the TAS in a strong tailwind will be...
97 - Flying with speeds higher than the never-exceed-speed (vNE) may result in...
98 - The speed Vx means...
99 - What factors may indicate a tendency to fog formation?
100 - Which of the items on the attached checklist are related to the direct reading compass? See annex (NAV-004) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 2
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101 - In order to improve the stall characteristics of an aircraft, the wing is twisted outwards (the angle of incidence varies spanwise). This is known as...
102 - For the purpose of a flight preparation the pilot calculates a total take-off mass of 725 kg and a total moment of 650 mmkg. Which cross marks the center of gravity (CG)? See annex (PFP-004) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 4
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103 - In what different ways can a risk be handled appropriately?
104 - The term "datum" with regard to a mass and balance calculation defines...
105 - Which Q-code is used for the true bearing to the station?
106 - What conditions are favourable for the formation of thunderstorms?
107 - Which instantaneous information can be obtained from ground radar equipment?
108 - What is the effect of pulling the control yoke or stick backwards?
109 - When is it necessary to adjust the pressure in the reference scale of an alitimeter?
110 - What factors are required for the formation of precipitation in clouds?
111 - Regarding the communication model, how can the use of the same code during radio communication be ensured?
112 - Lower-than-standard temperature may lead to...
113 - Which statement about a rhumb line is correct?
114 - VOR radials are defined based on the principle of...
115 - The stall warning will be activated just before reaching which speed?
116 - In case of a stall it is important to...
117 - Which point on the aerofoil is represented by number 1? See figure (PFA-009) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 2
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118 - An aircraft is flying at aFL 75 with an outside air temperature (OAT) of -9°C. The QNH altitude is 6500 ft. The true altitude equals...
119 - During a VFR flight the remaining usable fuel at a checkpoint is 80 USG. Reserve fuel is 20 USG, remaining flight time according to flight plan is 2h 20min. What is the highest acceptable fuel flow (FF) for the rest of the trip?
120 - Given: True course from A to B: 250°. Ground distance: 210 NM. TAS: 130 kt. Headwind component: 15 kt. Estimated time of departure (ETD): 0915 UTC. The estimated time of arrival (ETA) is...