120 domande in 120 minuti ppl-en

1 - Given: TC: 183°; WCA: +011°; MH: 198°; CH: 200° What are the VAR and the DEV?
2 - Assume zero wind and an aircraft descending from 7500 ft to 1200 ft with an average true airspeed (TAS) during the descent of 105 kt. The rate of descent (ROD) equals 800 ft/min. The elapsed time will be...
3 - What does the reported runway condition "DAMP" mean?
4 - An acceleration during a straight horizontal flight can lead to the illusion of...
5 - What is the correct course of action when experiencing a radio failure in class D airspace?
6 - (For this questions, use attachment or CAP697 SEP1 Fig. 2.2 Table 2.2.3) Planning a flight from EDWF (Leer Papenburg) to EDWH (Oldenburg Hatten), the following conditions apply: Cruise level = FL 75 Temperature = ISA Cruise weight = 3400 lbs Power setting = 23.0 in. HG @ 2300 RPM Determine True Airspeed (TAS) and Fuel Flow (FF): (2,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 21
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7 - Wake turbulence is particularly strong...
8 - What has to be considered when taking off in a ground inversion?
9 - In what different ways can a risk be handled appropriately?
10 - What is the meaning of the abbreviation "TRA"? (
11 - What is the correct way of using the aircraft call sign at first contact?
12 - What does the abbreviation "QUJ" stand for?
13 - What is the direct influence by switching on the carburettor heating on fixed propeller engines during engine run-up?
14 - Which equipment is needed on board of an aircraft to receive signals from a nondirectional beacon (NDB)?
15 - What cloud type does the picture show? See figure (MET-004).Siehe Anlage 3
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16 - A deceleration during a straight horizontal flight can lead to the illusion of...
17 - With regard to flaps, which of the following options provides a lift-increasing effect?
18 - What is the required distance to climb to flight level (FL) 75 after a departure from an airfield which is located at a pressure altitude of 3000 ft with an initial mass of 3000 lbs? OAT at airfield: 25° C OAT in FL 75: 0° C See annex (PFP-023) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 14
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19 - What is the correct way of acknowledging "You are now entering airspace Delta"?
20 - The trim wheel or lever in the cockpit is moved aft by the pilot. What effect does this action have on the trim tab and on the elevator?
21 - Considering the following fuel data, how much trip fuel is required? Fuel for start-up and taxi: 5 L Fuel for take-off and climb: 12 L Fuel for cruise flight: 25 L Fuel for descent, approach and landing: 7 L Fuel for taxi and parking: 3 L Fuel to alternate: 13 L Final reserve fuel: 10 L
22 - What does a readability of 3 indicate?
23 - In which situation is it NOT possible to achieve a pressure compensation between the middle ear and the environment?
24 - The symbol labeled (1) as shown in the picture is a / an... See figure (MET-005) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 4
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25 - At which altitude is the atmospheric pressure approximately half the MSL value (1013 hPa)?
26 - Complacency is a risk due to...
27 - What does "WATER PATCHES" mean regarding the reported runway condition?
28 - The "swiss cheese model" can be used to explain the...
29 - A risk factor for decompression sickness is...
30 - If surrounded by airflow (v>0), any arbitrarily shaped body produces...
31 - The term "aerodrome elevation" is defined as...
32 - How can the pilot of an an engine-driven aircraft minimise the noise emission during descent and approach?
33 - A take-off with flaps in take-off position causes...
34 - Which answer is correct with regard to separation in airspace "E"?
35 - The empty weight and the corresponding center of gravity (CG) of an aircraft are initially determined...
36 - The transponder code in case of a radio communication failure is...
37 - Which transponder code indicates a radio failure?
38 - On what frequency shall a blind transmission be made?
39 - Given the following information, what is the aircraft position at the cross bearing? VOR Hamburg (HAM) (53°41?N, 010°12?E): Radial 119° VOR Brünkendorf (BKD) (53°02?N, 011°33?E): Radial 320° See annex (NAV-031) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 3
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40 - In a METAR, "heavy rain" is designated by the identifier...
41 - What is the subject of ICAO Annex 1?
42 - In a METAR, "(moderate) showers of rain" are designated by the identifier...
43 - What frontal line divides subtropical air from polar cold air, in particular across Central Europe?
44 - Given the following data: Take-Off fuel = 200 lbs Alternate fuel = 40 lbs Final reserve fuel = 30 lbs After 25 minutes the remaining fuel is 120 lbs. Assuming that fuel flow will remain unchanged, the remaining time to the destination should not exceed:
45 - Which of the stated surfaces will reduce the wind speed most due to ground friction?
46 - Which of the following options states a correct position report?
47 - The pressure which is measured at a ground station and reduced to mean sea level (MSL) by means of the actual atmospheric conditions is called...
48 - What is the meaning of the white arc on the airspeed indicator?
49 - Given: True course: 270°. TAS: 100 kt. Wind: 090°/25 kt. Distance: 100 NM. The flight time equals...
50 - In which phase of flight must the carburettor heating be switched off although carburettor icing might be expected?
51 - Times are transmitted as...
52 - An aircraft in the northern hemisphere intends to turn on the shortest way from a heading of 270° to a heading of 360°. At approximately which indication of the magnetic compass should the turn be terminated?
53 - What has to be considered with regard to the center of gravity position?
54 - The correct transponder code for emergencies is...
55 - (For this question, please use annex PFP-061) According ICAO, what symbol indicates a group of unlighted obstacles? (2,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 22
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56 - When preparing to carry out the weighing procedure on an aircraft, which of the following is required?
57 - What is the meaning of the abbreviation "ARC"?
58 - The pressure compensation between wind upper and lower surface results in ...
59 - What is the meaning of a flashing green light signal at a controlled aerodrome directed to an aircraft in flight?
60 - The position of the center of gravity (including fuel) equals... See figure(PFP-053e) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 2
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61 - QFE is the...
62 - Wie beeinflusst die Lufttemperatur die Leistung eines Kolbenmotors?
63 - What are the air masses that Central Europe is mainly influenced by?
64 - What minimum coverage with ice or snow must be given to call a runway "contaminated"?
65 - What is the meaning of the phrase "Correction"?
66 - Which type of ice forms by large, supercooled droplets hitting the front surfaces of an aircraft?
67 - What weather conditions in Central Europe are typically found in high pressure areas during summer?
68 - What is the required fuel to climb from FL 65 to FL 95 under the following conditions? Aircraft mass: 3000 lb. OAT in FL 65: -5° C OAT in FL 95: -15° C See annex (PFP-023) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 14
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69 - Which transponder code has to be set unrequested during an emergency?
70 - In order to improve the stall characteristics of an aircraft, the wing is twisted outwards (the angle of incidence varies spanwise). This is known as...
71 - The saturated adiabatic lapse rate should be assumed with a mean value of:
72 - Which are the official basic units for horizontal distances used in aeronautical navigation and their abbreviations?
73 - A precautionary landing is a landing...
74 - Given: WCA: -012°; TH: 125°; MC: 139°; DEV: 002°E What are: TC, MH und CH?
75 - What weather phenomena have to be expected around an upper-level trough?
76 - Where does the condensation water converge in the tank?
77 - The beginning of the green arc (2) indicates which airspeed? See figure (PFP-008) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 8
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78 - What impression may be caused when approaching a runway with an upslope?
79 - During a flight, a flight plan can be filed at the...
80 - The formation of medium to large precipitation particles requires...
81 - What danger is most imminent during an approach to an airfield situated in a valley, with strong wind aloft blowing perpendicular to the mountain ridge?
82 - Which of the following documents have to be on board for an international flight? a) Certificate of aircraft registration b) Certificate of airworthiness c) Airworthiness review certificate d) EASA Form-1 e) Airplane logbook f) Appropriate papers for every crew member g) Technical logbook
83 - Urgency messages are messages...
84 - What is the approximate speed of electromagnetic wave propagation?
85 - How should a landing on a contaminated runway be conducted if it proves to be inevitable?
86 - "Longitudinal stability" is referred to as stability around which axis?
87 - What is the purpose of a ground adjustable trim tab?
88 - The angle of descent is defined as...
89 - Which statement describes a situation of static stability?
90 - According to ICAO Anex 14, which is the colour marking of a runway?
91 - The trim tab at the elevator is defelected upwards. In which position is the corresponding indicator?
92 - Which of the following qualities are influenced by stress? 1. Attention 2. Concentration 3. Responsiveness 4. Memory
93 - Given: Calibrated airspeed (CAS): 155 kt. Flight level (FL) 80. Outside air temperature (OAT): +15° C. The true airspeed (TAS) equals...
94 - What is the unit for voltage?
95 - About how many axes does an aircraft move and how are these axes called?
96 - The ongoing process to monitor the current flight situation is called...
97 - During a flight at FL 80, the altimeter setting has to be...
98 - Which option states a benefit of wing washout?
99 - The center of gravity has to be located...
100 - Which of the following are an aircraft's secondary flight controls?
101 - What engines are commonly used with Touring Motor Gliders (TMG)?
102 - What is the true airspeed (TAS) [kt] and fuel consumption [l/h] for cruise flight with 70 % power in flight level 60 under the following conditions? Temperature: ISA - 20° C QNH: 980 hPa See annex (PFP-012) (2,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 10
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103 - Temperatures will be given by meteorological aviation services in Europe in which unit?
104 - Which phenomenon may be expected at point 2 of the microburst? See figure (OPR-001) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 1
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105 - Why is it dangerous to pump the throttle for engine start in cold weather?
106 - Which are the properties of a Lambert conformal chart?
107 - Air traffic control service is conducted by which services?
108 - The angle between the magnetic course and the true course is called...
109 - Given: True course: 120°. TAS: 120 kt. Wind: 150°/12 kt. The WCA equals...
110 - What is the function of the static rudder balance?
111 - The range of a VOR is affected by...
112 - Which statement about induced drag during the horizontal cruise flight is correct?
113 - Given the following conditions, the take-off distance equals... Outside air temperature: -20° C Pressure Altitude: 5000 ft Aeroplane mass: 750 kg Headwind: 10 kt
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114 - Which curve represents the induced drag? See Appendix (PFA-011)
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115 - Which of the items below may have an influence on the noise perceived by a person on the ground? 1) Engine power setting 2) Propeller revolutions per minute 3) Position of the landing gear 4) Flap position 5) Flight track 6) Height above ground 7) Flight rules
116 - What is the lowest possible VFR flight level if a true course of 181° is selected and a variation of 3° east exists?
117 - Given: Ground speed (GS): 160 kt. True course (TC): 177°. Wind vector (W/WS): 140°/20 kt. The true heading (TH) equals...
118 - What are the minimum requirements among others to acquire a rating for VFR night flights?
119 - Which gas is most dangerous during an engine fire?
120 - The validity of a medical examination certificate class 2 for a 62 years old pilot is...