120 domande in 120 minuti ppl-en

1 - What is the meaning of the abbreviation "SERA"?
2 - Which of the mentioned cockpit instruments is connected to the pitot tube?
3 - During final approach, the glider pilot realizes a very bumpy surface on a selected offfield landing site. What technique may be recommended for landing?
4 - The occurence of a vertigo is most likely when moving the head...
5 - The average decrease of blood alcohol level for an adult in one hour is approximately...
6 - What is the correct term for the system which, among others, controls breathing, digestion, and heart frequency?
7 - Being intercepted by a military aircraft at daytime, what is the meaning of the following signal: Alternating movement of the ailerons, normally left of the intercepted aircraft, followed by a smooth turn to the left?
8 - What information can be found in the ATIS, but not in a METAR?
9 - The speed Vy is defined as...
10 - The airspeed indicator is unservicable. The airplane may only be operated...
11 - What is the minimum flight visibility in airspace "C" at and above FL 100 for an aircraft operating under VFR?
12 - What is the lowest possible VFR flight level if a true course of 181° is selected and a variation of 3° east exists?
13 - The angle (alpha) shown in the figure is referred to as... See figure (PFA-003) DoF: direction of airflow (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 3
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14 - Given: True course from A to B: 352°. Ground distance: 100 NM. GS: 107 kt. Estimated time of departure (ETD): 0933 UTC. The estimated time of arrival (ETA) is...
15 - What is checked by the marking in the attachment? See figure (AGK-006) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 4
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16 - When preparing to carry out the weighing procedure on an aircraft, which of the following is required?
17 - What cloud type does the picture show? See figure (MET-004).Siehe Anlage 3
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18 - Which of the listed wing shapes has the lowest induced drag?
19 - A movement around the longitudinal axis is primarily initiated by the...
20 - What factors are required for the formation of precipitation in clouds?
21 - The angle indicated by arrow number 1 shows the propeller's... See figure (AGK-011) D: Direction of air flow C: Chord line R: Direction of rotation (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 7
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22 - The pilot wants to proceed directly to the beacon. The wind is calm. The pilot should follow a QDM of... See figure (NAV-019) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 6
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23 - What action should be taken when entering a windshear? 1. Reduce speed 2. Retract gear and flaps 3. Maintain current configuration 4. Adjust thrust
24 - Which of the stated wind phenomena will increase in speed since its path is narrowed by mountains?
25 - When should turns at low altitudes above villages be avoided with regard to noise abatement procedures?
26 - Which of the following are an aircraft's secondary flight controls?
27 - What is the call sign of the surface movement control?
28 - Which of the following is responsible for the blood coagulation?
29 - According to the aeronautical chart, Friesach/Hirt (LOKH) has a 707 m grass runway. Prevailing runway is 17 due to a surface wind of 18010KT. The required landing distance for your aircraft under present conditions is 550 m. Considering the NOTAM below ,is it safe to plan LOKH as an alternate aerodrome? See figure (PFP-026) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 17
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30 - Loads must be adequately secured in order to...
31 - What ist the correct term for an involuntary and stereotypical reaction of an organism to the stimulation of a receptor?
32 - With only a slight crosswind, what is the danger at take-off after the departure of a heavy aeroplane?
33 - Where are the two polar circles?
34 - What range can be achieved at the following conditions? Outside air temperature: 6° C Pressure Altitude: 6000 ft Power: 65 % See annex (PFP-013) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 12
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35 - Number 2 in the drawing corresponds to the... See figure (PFA-010) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 1
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36 - Which runway designators are correct for 2 parallel runways?
37 - What does the abbreviation "FIS" stand for?
38 - A single-engine piston and a turboprop aeroplane are approaching each other opposite at the same altitude. Which aeroplane has to change its track to avoid a collision?
39 - After a precautionary landing the brakes and wheels are very hot. In which way should the pilot approach them?
40 - A transponder with the ability to send the current pressure level is a...
41 - The term "aerodrome elevation" is defined as...
42 - The speed Vx means...
43 - Which of the stated surfaces will reduce the wind speed most due to ground friction?
44 - When using a GPS for tracking to the next waypoint, a deviation indication is shown by a vertical bar and dots to the left and to the right of the bar. What statement describes the correct interpretation of the display?
45 - How do induced drag and parasite drag change with increasing airspeed during a horizontal and stable cruise flight?
46 - The barometric altimeter with QFE setting indicates...
47 - Who provides search and rescue service?
48 - The center of gravity has to be located...
49 - The trim tab at the elevator is defelected upwards. In which position is the corresponding indicator?
50 - What leads to a decreased stall speed Vs (IAS)?
51 - What is the reason for static dischargers on aircraft?
52 - The barometric altimeter indicates height above...
53 - How does aircraft flap configuration influence the take-off performance?
54 - What is the meaning of the phrase "Roger"?
55 - What is the ISA standard pressure at FL 180 (5500 m)?
56 - Which part of the cycle of a four-stroke Otto engine can be seen in the attachment? See figure (AGK-007) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 5
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57 - Distress messages are messages...
58 - Air descending behind a mountain range is defined as...
59 - What is the meaning of a steady green light signal at a controlled aerodrome directed to an aircraft in flight?
60 - The VFR semicircular rules are based on the...
61 - Leaving a control frequency (except when reaching the final parking position)...
62 - The term "moment" with regard to a mass and balance calculation is referred to as...
63 - Which of the following is NOT a risk factor for hypoxia?
64 - Carbon monoxide poisoning can be caused by...
65 - What is the meaning of the white arc on the airspeed indicator?
66 - What is the advantage of differential aileron movement?
67 - What is the take-off distance at 750 kg take-off mass, standard (ISA) conditions at an elevation of 4000 ft with 5 kt tailwind? See annex (PFP-009) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 9
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68 - What is the meaning of the phrase "Approved"?
69 - Which validity does the "Certificate of Airworthiness" have?
70 - Wings level after a longer period of turning can lead to the impression of...
71 - Which transponder code indicates a loss of radio communication?
72 - In which situation is it NOT possible to achieve a pressure compensation between the middle ear and the environment?
73 - Wake turbulence is particularly strong...
74 - Two aircraft of the same type, same grossweight and same configuration fly at different airspeeds. Which aircraft will cause more severe wake turbulence?
75 - Calibrated airspeed (CAS) equals...
76 - Extensive high pressure areas can be found throughout the year ...
77 - Given the following data for a VFR flight: Take-off fuel: 180 kg including reserve fuel, which is 30% of take off fuel. After half of the distance the remaining fuel is 100 kg. Assume that cruise conditions will remain unchanged. Determine the remaining fuel at the destination:
78 - What impression may be caused when approaching a runway with an upslope?
79 - What temperatures are most dangerous with respect to airframe icing?
80 - A landing conducted in response to circumstances forcing the aircraft to land is a / an...
81 - Given the following conditions, the TAS equals... Outside air temperature: 10° C Pressure altitude: 6000 ft Power: 65 % See annex (PFP-014) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 13
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82 - Weather phenomena are most common to be found in which atmospheric layer?
83 - The majority of aviation accidents are caused by...
84 - What is the function of the blood platelets (thrombocytes)?
85 - The balance arm is the horizontal distance between...
86 - How do lift and drag change when setting flaps to a lower position?
87 - The directional information "12 o'clock" is correctly transmitted as...
88 - What is the fuel flow and the true airspeed for cruise flight with 60 % power in flight level 85 at an OAT of -25° C? See annex (PFP-014) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 13
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89 - The term "ceiling" is defined as the...
90 - What is the distance from VOR Brünkendorf (BKD) (53°02?N, 011°33?E) to Pritzwalk (EDBU) (53°11'N, 12°11'E)? See annex (NAV-031) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 3
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91 - What is the difference in time when the sun moves 10° of longitude?
92 - A flight level is a...
93 - Which point on the aerofoil is represented by number 1? See figure (PFA-009) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 2
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94 - A pilot license issued in accordance with ICAO Annex 1 is valid in...
95 - The red marking at the end of the yellow arc (5) indicates which airspeed? See figure (PFP-008) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 8
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96 - Which equipment is needed on board of an aircraft to receive signals from a nondirectional beacon (NDB)?
97 - Given the following conditions, the climb speed equals... Outside air temperature: -20° C Pressure altitude: 10000 ft See annex (PFP-011) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 11
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98 - What structural item provides lateral stability to an airplane?
99 - Considering the following fuel data, how much trip fuel is required? Fuel for start-up and taxi: 5 L Fuel for take-off and climb: 12 L Fuel for cruise flight: 25 L Fuel for descent, approach and landing: 7 L Fuel for taxi and parking: 3 L Fuel to alternate: 13 L Final reserve fuel: 10 L
100 - When using direct current, electrically driven flight instruments are marked with...
101 - Which is the colour of runway end lights?
102 - What situation may result in the occurrence of severe wind shear?
103 - Which items should a passenger briefing in case of an imminent emergency landing include?
104 - The term "flight time" is defined as...
105 - A flight plan has been files for a flight departing at an uncontrolled aerodrome. When has the actual take-off time been transmitted to ATC?
106 - Which characteristic is important when choosing sunglasses used by pilots?
107 - The ideal level of arousal is at which point in the diagram? See figure (HPL- 002) P = Performance A = Arousal / Stress Siehe Anlage 1
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108 - (For this question, please use annex PFP-061) According ICAO, what symbol indicates a group of unlighted obstacles? (2,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 22
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109 - Given the following conditions, the TAS equals... Outside air temperature: -2° C Pressure altitude: 8000 ft Power: 75 % See annex (PFP-014) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 13
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110 - Which dangerous attitudes are often combined?
111 - Which phenomenon may be expected at point 3 of the miroburst? See figure (OPR-001) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 1
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112 - When is it necessary to adjust the pressure in the reference scale of an alitimeter?
113 - In what situation is it appropriate to set the transponder code 7600?
114 - What information is provided in the part "AD" of the AIP?
115 - The upper limit of LO R 4 equals... See annex (PFP-030) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 16
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116 - What is a latent error?
117 - Which abbreviation is used for the term "visual flight rules"?
118 - Which processes result in decreasing air density?
119 - In which way may an altimeter subscale which is set to an incorrect QNH lead to an incorrect altimeter reading?
120 - Which information from a ground station does not require readback?