Test 10 domande atpl, tempo libero

1 - On a given path, it is possible to choose between four flight levels (FL), each associated with a mandatory flight Mach Number (M). The flight conditions, static air temperature (SAT) and headwind component (HWC) are given below: FL 370 - M = 0.80 Ts = -60°C HWC = -15 kt FL 330 - M = 0.78 Ts = -60°C HWC= - 5 kt FL 290 - M = 0.80 Ts = -55°C HWC = -15 ktFL 270 - M = 0.76 Ts = -43°C HWC = 0 The flight level allowing the highest ground speed is:
2 - Which procedure is recommended to prevent or overcome spatial disorientation?
3 - Which of the following illusions are brought about by conflicts between the visual system and the vestibular system ?-1: Illusions concerning the attitude of the aircraft-2: Autokinetic illusion (fixed point viewed as moving)-3: Illusions when estimating the size and distance of objects-4: Illusions of rotation
4 - In the vicinity of SHANNON (52° N009°W) the tropopause is at about FL
5 - How can aviation routine weather reports (METAR) of specific airports be obtained by aircraft in flight:
6 - Which of these statements about a gust lock system are correct or incorrect? 1) There should be suitable design precautions to prevent flight with the gust lock engaged. 2) Reversible flight controls should have a gust lock.
7 - The floor of the main cargo hold is limited to 4000 N/m2.It is planned to load a cubic container each side of which measures 0.5 m. Its maximum gross mass must not exceed:(assume g=10m/s 2)
8 - You fly VFR from your home base (runway width 45 m) to a small airfield (runway width 27 m). On reaching your destination there is a risk of performing a:
9 - The connection in parallel of two 12 volt/ 40 amp hours batteries, will create a unit with the following characteristics
10 - Iron and brass are commonly used in bimetallic thermometers, because: