Test 10 domande atpl, tempo libero

1 - An aeroplane whose maximum approved passenger seating configuration is 501 to 600 seats must be equipped with at least:
2 - A flight has to be made with a multi engine piston aeroplane (MEP 1 Fig. 3. 3). For the fuel calculations take 5 US gallons for the taxi, and an additional 13 minutes at cruise condition to account for climb and descent. Calculated time overhead to overhead is 2h37min. Power setting is 65%, 2500 RPM. Calculated reserve fuel is 30% of the trip fuel. FL 120. Temperature 1°C. Find the minimum block fuel.
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3 - False beams on the ILS glidepath are:
4 - Which phrase shall be used if you want to say: 'I should like to know...' or 'I wish to obtain...'?
5 - If a pilot receives an instruction from ATC which cannot be carried out, the reply should use the phrase:
6 - At reference or use or Performance Manual MEP 1 Figure 3.2 Given:OAT: 25°CPressure Altitude: 3000 ft RWY: 24LWind: 310°/20ktsTake off Mass: 4400 lbs Heavy Duty Brakes installed.Other conditions as associated in the header of the graph.What is the Accelerate and Stop Distance under the conditions given?
7 - An aircraft in the northern hemisphere makes an accurate rate one turn to the right/starboard. If the initial heading was 330°, after 30 seconds of the turn the direct reading magnetic compass should read:
8 - What is the minimum number of NAVSTAR/GPS satellites required to produce an accurate independent 3-D position fix?
9 - Maximum wind speeds associated with subtropical jet streams are usually located in the
10 - During certification flight testing on a four engine turbojet aeroplane the actual take-off distances measured are:3050 m with failure of the critical engine recognised at V12555 m with all engines operating and all other things being equal The take-off distance adopted for the certification file is: