Test 10 domande atpl, tempo libero

1 - During certification flight testing on a four engine turbojet aeroplane the actual take-off distances measured are:3050 m with failure of the critical engine recognised at V12555 m with all engines operating and all other things being equal The take-off distance adopted for the certification file is:
2 - Concerning the effects of drugs and pilot's performance
3 - Given:True Heading = 180° TAS = 500 ktW/V 225° / 100 kt Calculate the GS?
4 - The flight data recorder must stop automatically to record the data:
5 - On what data is a VOR/DME Area Navigation system operating in the dead reckoning mode?
6 - What is the effect of high aspect ratio of an aeroplane's wing on induced drag?
7 - The ice protection system currently used for the most modern jet aeroplanes is the
8 - Within the European Region, an aircraft experiencing radio communication failure on an IFR departure has to squawk 7600 and:
9 - Less experienced pilots differ from experienced pilots in the following way:
10 - During deceleration following a landing in an easterly direction, a magnetic compass made for the northern hemisphere indicates: