Test 10 domande atpl, tempo libero

1 - The operator must ensure that the information contained in the aircraft technical log is stored for a minimum period of:
2 - Which phrase shall be used if you want to say: ''Communication is difficult. Please send every word or group of words twice''?
3 - When a cold front has passed over a meteorological station it will result in:
4 - In accordance with OPS 1, an operator shall ensure that a pilot does not operate an aeroplane as commander unless:
5 - An aircraft operating within MNPS Airspace is unable to continue flight in accordance with its air traffic control clearance, but is able to maintain its assigned level, and due to a total loss of communications capability, cannot obtain a revised clearance from ATC. The aircraft should leave its assigned route or track by turning 90° (90 degrees) to the right or left whenever this is possible, and turn to acquire and maintain in either direction a track laterally separated by 30 NM from its assigned route and climb 1 000 ft or descend 500 ft, if:
6 - The angle between the aeroplane longitudinal axis and the chord line is the:
7 - Interference drag is the result of:
8 - Which of the following tasks are possible to do simultaneously without mutual interference?
9 - See Flight Planning Manual MRJT 1 Figure 4.5.2 and Given:Distance B - C: 350 NM Cruise 300 KIAS at FL 210 Temperature: - 40°C Tailwind component:70 kt Gross mass at B: 53 200 kgThe fuel required from B - C is:
10 - What is the radiotelephony call sign for the aeronautical station indicating approach control radar departures?