Test 10 domande atpl, tempo libero

1 - In general transport aeroplanes with power assisted flight controls are fitted with an adjustable stabilizer instead of trim tabs on the elevator. This is because:
2 - What is the colour sequence when passing over an Outer, Middle and Inner Marker beacon?
3 - What phrase shall be used when asking for the readability of a transmission?
4 - On a Direct Mercator chart, meridians are:
5 - When the intruding aircraft is equipped with a transponder without altitude reporting capability, the TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System) issues a:
6 - A sector distance is 450 NM long. The TAS is 460 kt. The wind component is 50 kt tailwind. What is the still air distance?
7 - Urgency is defined as:
8 - In accordance with JAR-OPS 1, on aeroplanes intended to be operated at pressure altitude above 25000 ft, the total number of oxygen dispensing units shall exceed the number of:
9 - Which of the following abbreviated call signs of aircraft XY-ABC is correct:
10 - Due to the rotation of the Earth, the apparent drift of a horizontal free gyroscope at a latitude of 45°N is: