Test 10 domande ppl-en, tempo libero

1 - The occurence of a vertigo is most likely when moving the head...
2 - Which Q-code is used for the true bearing from the station?
3 - What is the correct term for a message used for air traffic control?
4 - Distress messages are messages...
5 - Given: True course from A to B: 283°. Ground distance: 75 NM. TAS: 105 kt. Headwind component: 12 kt. Estimated time of departure (ETD): 1242 UTC. The estimated time of arrival (ETA) is...
6 - Which Q-code is used for the true bearing to the station?
7 - What information is NOT found on Low-Level Significant Weather Charts (LLSWC)?
8 - What is the direct influence by switching on the carburettor heating on fixed propeller engines during engine run-up?
9 - At which altitude is the atmospheric pressure approximately half the MSL value (1013 hPa)?
10 - Which items should a passenger briefing in case of an imminent emergency landing include?