Test 10 domande ppl-en, tempo libero

1 - Which air traffic services can be expected within an FIR (flight information region)?
2 - Which area is suitable for an off-field landing?
3 - 5500 m equal...
4 - What is the meaning of the abbreviation "TRA"? (
5 - The angle (alpha) shown in the figure is referred to as... See figure (PFA-003) DoF: direction of airflow (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 3
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6 - What is the meaning of "risky shift"?
7 - What factor may affect the top of cumulus clouds?
8 - The term "steady flight" is defined as...
9 - Which altitude is displayed on the altimeter when set to a specific QFE?
10 - According to the aeronautical chart, Friesach/Hirt (LOKH) has a 707 m grass runway. Prevailing runway is 17 due to a surface wind of 18010KT. The required landing distance for your aircraft under present conditions is 550 m. Considering the NOTAM below ,is it safe to plan LOKH as an alternate aerodrome? See figure (PFP-026) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 17
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