Test 10 domande ATPL - Airline Transport Pilot license - Flight Planning and Monitoring, tempo libero

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1 - A sector distance is 450 NM long. The TAS is 460 kt. The wind component is 50 kt tailwind. What is the still air distance?
2 - Refer to the Student Pilot Route Manual: E LO 2An appropriate flight level for flight on airway B3 from CHATILLON CTL 117.6 (49°08'N 003°35'E) to CAMBRAI CMB 112.6 (50°14'N 003°09'E) is:
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3 - Prior to an IFR flight, when filling in the ATC flight plan, the time information which should be entered in box 16: 'Total estimated time' is the time elapsed from:
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4 - In the ATC flight plan Item 19, if the number of passengers to be carried is not known when the plan is ready for filing:
5 - Refer to the Student Pilot Route Manual - VFR Chart ED-4Flying VFR from VILLINGEN (48°03.5'N, 008°27.0'E) to FREUDENSTADT (48°28.0'N, 008°24.0'E).Determine the minimum altitude within a corridor 5 NM left and 5 NM right of the courseline in order to stay 1000' clear of obstacles.
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6 - Following in-flight depressurisation, a turbine powered aeroplane is forced to divert to anen-route alternate airfield. If actual flight conditions are as forecast, the minimum quantity of fuel remaining on arrival at the airfield will be:
7 - Refer to CAP697 Section 4 - MRJT1 Page 19 Figure 4.5.1 En-route Climb 280/0.74 Given: brake release mass 57500 kgtemperature ISA -10°C head wind component 16 KT initial FL 280Find: still air distance (NAM) and ground distance (NGM) for the climb
8 - The still air distance in the climb is 189 Nautical Air Miles (NAM) and time 30 minutes. What ground distance would be covered in a 30 kt head wind?
9 - Given:Distance from departure to destination 2800 NM True track 140W/V 140/100TAS 500 kt What is the distance and time of the PET from the departure point?
10 - For an ATC flight plan filed before the flight, the indicated time of departure is: