Test 10 domande Flight Planning and Monitoring, tempo libero

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1 - When completing an ATC flight plan for a European destination, clock times are to be expressed in:
2 - Refer to the Student Pilot Route Manual - 5 AT (HI)The initial great circle course from position A (80°00'N 170°00'E) to position B (75°00'N 011°E) is 177° (G). The final grid course at position B will be:
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3 - Which of the following statements is (are) correct with regard to the advantages of computer flight plans ?1. The computer can file the ATC flight plan.2. Wind data used by the computer is always more up-to-date than that available to the pilot.
4 - After flying for 16 min at 100 kt TAS with a 20 kt tail wind component, you have to return to the airfield of departure. You will arrive after:
5 - Find the time to the Point of Safe Return (PSR).Given: Maximum useable fuel 15000 kg, Minimum reserve fuel 3500 kg, TAS out 425 kt, Head wind component out 30 kt, TAS return 430 kt, Tailwind component return 20 kt, Average fuel flow 2150 kg/h
6 - Given:Distance from departure to destination 338 NM True track 045W/V 225/35TAS 120 kt What is the distance and time of the PET from the departure point? What is the distance and time of the PET from the departure point?
7 - Given:Distance from departure to destination 340 NM True track 320W/V 160/40 TAS 110 ktWhat is the distance of the PET from the departure point?
8 - Refer to CAP697 Section 4 - MRJT1 Page 2 Figure 4.1 / 4.2 and Page 41 Figure Estimated take-off mass 57000 kg, Ground distance 150 NM, Temperature ISA -10°C, Cruise at 0.74 MachFind: Cruise altitude and expected true air speed
9 - Refer to the Jeppesen General Student Pilot Route Manual - VFR Chart ED-4An aeroplane is flying VFR and approaching position TANGO VORTAC (48°37'N, 009°16'E) at FL 055 and magnetic course 090°, distance from VORTAC TANGO 20 NM.What is the frequency of the TANGO VORTAC.
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10 - On an ATC flight plan, an aircraft indicated as 'H' for 'Heavy'