Test 10 domande IFR Communications, tempo libero

Nuovo Test!
1 - What does the word 'recleared' mean?
2 - In case the transponder fails before the departure for an IFR flight, the pilot shall:
3 - Which elements of instructions or information shall always be read back?
4 - If you are requested to 'Report flight conditions', what does that mean:
5 - What is the radiotelephony call sign for the aeronautical station indicating approach control radar arrivals?
6 - Which word or phrase shall be used in order to repeat for clarity or emphasis?
7 - What does the instruction:'Fastair 345 standby 118.9 for TOWER' mean:
8 - What does the word 'report' mean?
9 - An aircraft experiencing radio communication failure on an IFR flight in IMC is assumed to:
10 - What is meant by the phrase 'readability 4'?