Test 10 domande IFR Communications, tempo libero

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1 - What is the radiotelephony call sign suffix for the aeronautical station providing radar service (in general)?
2 - What, if any, is the abbreviated call sign of Fastair 2345?
3 - What does the term 'Expected Approach Time' mean:
4 - What is the radiotelephony call sign for the aeronautical station indicating approach control radar arrivals?
5 - What does the abbreviation 'ATIS' mean?
6 - The time is 4:15 P.M. What is the correct way of transmitting this time if there is any possibility of confusion about the hour?
7 - An 'Automatic Terminal Information Service' provides:
8 - On hearing an urgency message a pilot shall:
9 - Blind transmission shall be made:
10 - Within the European Region, an aircraft experiencing radio communication failure on an IFR departure has to squawk 7600 and: