Test 10 domande IFR Communications, tempo libero

Nuovo Test!
1 - An aircraft encountering radio communication failure on an IFR flight in VMC is assumed to:
2 - What does the term 'clearance limit' mean:
3 - What does the word 'correct' mean?
4 - What does the term 'broadcast' mean?
5 - What does the abbreviation 'RNAV' mean:
6 - The aircraft has started a descent. Select the correct radiotelephony transmission:
7 - Which word shall be used to ask a station whether you have correctly received a message, clearance, instruction, etc?
8 - When an aeronautical station broadcasts information to more than one station, the call starts with:
9 - What phrase shall be used when asking for the readability of a transmission?
10 - What is the meaning of the phrase 'Radar service terminated'?