Test 10 domande IFR Communications, tempo libero

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1 - The expression 'transmitting blind due to receiver failure' implies that no answer is expected. It shall be used by:
2 - A signal sent by radiotelephony consisting of the spoken word MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY means:
3 - The distress communication and silence conditions shall be terminated by transmitting a message. Which words shall this message include?
4 - What is the meaning of the phrase 'Radar service terminated'?
5 - Which word or phrase shall be used to indicate that a change has been made to your last clearance and this new clearance supersedes your previous clearance or part thereof?
6 - When an aircraft station receives the call 'ALL STATIONS Stephenville RADAR, stop transmitting MAYDAY' it is requested:
7 - What does the word 'contact' mean?
8 - During radar vectoring, the controller asks the pilot of XY-ABC to turn on to heading 360°. The correct read back of this instruction is:
9 - Which word shall be used to indicate that an error has been made in a transmission or message?
10 - What does the abbreviation 'AIS' mean?