Test 10 domande IFR Communications, tempo libero

Nuovo Test!
1 - What does 'Friction coefficient 20' in a runway report mean:
2 - Must a 'general call' be acknowledged'?
3 - What does the term 'way point' mean:
4 - What is the correct way of spelling out FRI-VOR in a radio message?
5 - What shall the pilot's readback be for 'climb to 2500 feet':
6 - What shall the pilot's read back be for 'Climb to FL 280':
7 - When an aircraft station receives the call 'ALL STATIONS Stephenville RADAR, stop transmitting MAYDAY' it is requested:
8 - What does the phrase 'Verify' mean:
9 - What is the radiotelephony call sign for the aeronautical station providing approach control (no radar service)?
10 - What does the word 'wilco' mean?