Test 10 domande Meteorology, tempo libero

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1 - A layer in which the temperature increases with height is
2 - What pressure is defined as QFE?
3 - How does freezing rain develop?
4 - Pressure altitude is obtained by:
5 - You plan a flight over a mountain range at a true altitude of 15000 FT/AMSL. The air is on an average 15°C colder than ISA, the pressure at sea level is 1003 hPa. What approximate indication should the altimeter (setting 1013.2 hPa) read?
6 - In a METAR message, the wind group is 23010MPS. This means:
7 - A stationary observer in the northern hemisphere is situated in front of a depression. The centre of the depression passes from west to east and south of the observer. For this observer the wind
8 - An inversion is a layer of air which is:
9 - What is the most likely cause of a lack of clouds at higher levels in a stationary high?
10 - At approximately what flight level is the subtropical jet stream found?