Test 10 domande Meteorology, tempo libero

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1 - A Foehn wind occurs on the
2 - Which of the following changes of state is known as sublimation (in meteorology)?
3 - You are planning to fly across a mountain range. The chart recommends a minimum altitude of 12000 feet above mean sea level. The air mass you will be flying through is an average 10°C warmer than IS
4 - Clear ice forms as a result of
5 - The most dangerous form of airframe icing is
6 - Which of the following circumstances most favour the development of radiation fog?
7 - Which type wind flows downslope becoming warmer and dryer?
8 - A plain in Western Europe with an average elevation of 500 m (1600') above sea level is covered with a uniform AC layer of cloud during the summer months. At what height above the ground is the base of this cloud to be expected?
9 - If you are flying at FL 300 in an air mass that is 15°C warmer than a standard atmosphere, what is the outside temperature likely to be?
10 - An aircraft flying at FL 45 (OAT 6°C) obtains a reading of 1860 ft on its radio altimeter (ground elevation 3090 ft). What is the value of the QNH, to the nearest hPa, at that point?