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1 - An aircraft is flying through the polar front jet stream from south to north, beneath the core. How would the OAT change, in the northern hemisphere, during this portion of the flight?
2 - A sample of moist but unsaturated air may become saturated by
3 - If the QFE, QNH and QFF of an airport have the same value,
4 - About ten identical clouds are in the sky, well isolated from one another, dense, with well defined contours, developing vertically in a cauliflower shape. The side of these clouds lit by the sun is bright white. Their base, relatively dark, is essentially horizontal and at FL 30, and their tops at FL 150. These clouds are
5 - Which form of precipitation from clouds containing only water is most likely to fall in mid- latitudes?
6 - During a cross-country flight at FL 50, you observe the following sequence of clouds: Nimbostratus, Altostratus, Cirrostratus, Cirrus.Which of the following are you most likely to encounter ?
7 - The following temperatures have been observed over a station at 1200 UTC. Assume the station is at MSL. Height in feet. Temperature in degrees C.20000.-12 18000.-11 16000.-10 14000.-10 12000.-6 10000.-2 8000. +2 6000. +6 4000. +122000. +15 surface+15.Which of the following statements is correct ?
8 - The first clouds are thin, wispy cirrus, followed by sheets of cirrus and cirrostratus, and altostratus. The sun is obscured as the altostratus thickens and drizzle or rain begins to fall. The cloud base is lowering as Nimbostratus arrives. These phenomena describe the approach of a
9 - Which weather chart gives information about icing?
10 - After a sunny day, followed by a long clear night, you take-off from an airfield at mid- latitudes in the northern hemisphere an hour before sunrise. The field is not situated close to the coast. Though the pressure gradient is rather large, the easterly surface wind is weak. What do you expect?