Test 10 domande Meteorology, tempo libero

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1 - In the southern hemisphere what wind effect would you expect when flying from a high pressure area towards a low pressure area at FL 100?
2 - A microburst phenomenon can arise in the
3 - What type of low pressure area is associated with a surface front?
4 - The wind direction in a METAR is measured relative to
5 - In order to calculate QFE from QNH, which of the following must be known ?
6 - A parcel of rising air stays unsaturated. Which of the following statements is correct?
7 - The core of the polar front jet stream is usually located in the
8 - If the QFE, QNH and QFF of an airport have the same value,
9 - In a land- and sea-breeze circulation the land-breeze blows:
10 - Which type of fog is likely to form when air having a temperature of 15°C and a dew point of 12°C blows at 10 KT over a sea surface having temperatures of 5°C?