Test 10 domande Meteorology, tempo libero

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1 - If Paris reports a wind of 30012KT on the METAR, what wind velocity would you expect to encounter at a height of 2000 feet above the ground ?
2 - Clouds, classified as being low level are considered to have bases from
3 - The QNH of an airport at sea level is 983 hPa and the temperature deviation from ISA is-15°C below FL 100.What is the true altitude of FL 100?
4 - During the climb after take-off, the altimeter setting is adjusted at the transition altitude. If the local QNH is 966 hPa, what will happen to the altimeter reading during the resetting procedure?
5 - What is the name of the wind or air mass which gives to the main part of India its greatest proportion of precipitation?
6 - Which of the following phenomena is least likely to lead to the formation of a Cumulonimbus with thunderstorm?
7 - Precipitation in the form of showers occurs from
8 - The tropopause is lower
9 - The QNH at an airfield located 200 metres above sea level is 1022 hPa. The air temperature is not available. What is the QFF?
10 - In which of the following conditions is moderate to severe airframe icing most likely to be encountered?