Test 10 domande Meteorology, tempo libero

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1 - The isobars drawn on a surface weather chart represent lines of equal pressure
2 - In order to calculate QFE from QNH, which of the following must be known ?
3 - Absolute instability is said to exist whenever the environmental lapse rate
4 - An air mass acquires its basic properties
5 - What is a downburst?
6 - Stratus formed by turbulence will occur when
7 - What are squall lines?
8 - When fog is reported, the visibility is below
9 - A plain in Western Europe with an average elevation of 500 m (1600') above sea level is covered with a uniform AC layer of cloud during the summer months. At what height above the ground is the base of this cloud to be expected?
10 - The maximum vapour pressure over a flat supercooled water surface and the maximum vapour pressure over a flat ice surface of the same temperature are compared. The maximum vapour pressure is