Test 10 domande Performance, tempo libero

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1 - What will be the influence on the aeroplane performance if aerodrome pressure altitude is increased?
2 - Which of the following statements is correct?
3 - How does the best angle of climb and best rate of climb vary with increasing altitude for an aeroplane with a normal aspirated piston engine?
4 - The length of a clearway may be included in:
5 - The take-off mass of an aeroplane is restricted by the climb limit. What would be the effect on this limit of an increase in the headwind component?
6 - The following parameters affect the take off ground run: 1 decreasing take off mass2 increasing take off mass 3 increasing density4 decreasing density5 increasing flap setting 6 decreasing flap setting7 increasing pressure altitude 8 decreasing pressure altitudeWhich parameters will decrease the take off ground run?
7 - Which statement is correct for a descent without engine thrust at maximum lift to drag ratio speed?
8 - On a dry runway the accelerate stop distance is increased:
9 - Which of the following factors leads to the maximum flight time of a glide?
10 - What is the equation for the climb gradient expressed in percentage during unaccelerated flight (applicable to small angles only)?