Test 10 domande Performance, tempo libero

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1 - At a given mass, the reference stall speed of a twin engine turboprop aircraft is 100 KT in the landing configuration. The minimum speed a pilot must maintain in short final is:
2 - During the flight preparation the climb limited take-off mass (TOM) is found to be much greater than the field length limited TOM using 5° flap. In what way can the performance limited TOM be increased? There are no limiting obstacles.
3 - The maximum speed in horizontal flight occurs when:
4 - If other factors are unchanged, the fuel mileage (nautical miles per kg) is:
5 - The speed V1 is defined as:
6 - If there is a tail wind, the climb limited TOM will:
7 - A constant headwind:
8 - A climb gradient required is 3.3%. For an aircraft maintaining 100 KT true airspeed, no wind, this climb gradient corresponds to a rate of climb of approximately:
9 - Which statement concerning the inclusion of a clearway in take-off calculation is correct?
10 - The danger associated with low speed and/or high speed buffet