Test 10 domande ATPL - Airline Transport Pilot license - Performance, tempo libero

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1 - Field length is balanced when:
2 - According to PART-CAT, which one of the following statements concerning the landing distance for a turbojet aeroplane is correct?
3 - Two identical turbojet aeroplanes (whose specific fuel consumption is assumed to be constant) are in a holding pattern at the same altitude. The mass of the first one is 95000 kg and its hourly fuel consumption is equal to 3100 kg/h. Since the mass of the second one is 105000 kg, its hourly fuel consumption is:
4 - Which of the following statements is correct?
5 - Refer to CAP698 Section 3 - MEP1 Figure 3.1 Normal Procedure Given:OAT 24 °CPressure Altitude: 3000 ft RWY 30RWind· 060/04 KTTake-off Mass: 3800 lbsOther conditions as associated in the header of the graph. What is the Ground Roll Distance under the conditions given?
question perf3.jpg
6 - According to CS 25 the landing reference speed VREF may not be less than:
7 - What is the result of a large take off flap setting compared to a small take off flap setting on required Take-off Distance (TOD) and the field length limited Take-off Mass (TOM)?
8 - Reduced take-off thrust should normally not be used when:
9 - The centre of gravity near, but still within, the aft limit:
10 - A jet aeroplane is climbing with constant IAS. Which operational speed limit is most likely to be reached?