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1 - According to PART-CAT, for turbo-prop aeroplanes, the required runway length at a destination airport is:
2 - According to PART-CAT, which one of the following statements concerning the landing distance for a turbojet aeroplane is correct?
3 - Which is the correct sequence of speeds during take-off?
4 - If the take-off mass of an aeroplane is tyre speed limited, downhill slope would:
5 - When determining the maximum landing mass of an turbojet powered aeroplane during the planning phase what factor must be used on the landing distance available (dry runway)
6 - The speed for maximum lift/drag ratio will result in:
7 - Which of the following statements with regard to the actual acceleration height at the beginning of the 3rd climb segment is correct?
8 - The thrust of a jet engine at constant RPM
9 - Density Altitude:
10 - Which statement, in relation to the climb limited takeoff mass of a jet aeroplane, is correct?