Test 10 domande Performance, tempo libero

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1 - Considering VR, which statement is correct?
2 - Which statement about reduced thrust is correct?
3 - During a descent at constant Mach number, the margin to low speed buffet will:
4 - During take-off the third segment begins:
5 - Refer to CAP698 Section 3 - MEP1 Figure 3.1 Normal Procedure Given:OAT -15 °CPressure Altitude: 4000' RWY 12RWind· 080/12 KTTake-off Mass: 4000 lbs Runway Surface: tarred and dryWhat is the minimum runway length? No stopway or clearway is available.
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6 - The optimum altitude:
7 - The force exactly opposing and balance lift in a glide descent is:
8 - The angle of climb with flaps extended, compared to that with flaps retracted, will normally be:
9 - A twin engine aeroplane in cruise flight with one engine inoperative has to fly over high ground. In order to maintain the highest possible altitude the pilot should choose:
10 - Given that the characteristics of a three engine turbojet aeroplane are as follows:Thrust = 50000 Newton / Engine g = 10 m/s2Drag = 72569 NMinimum steady gradient of climb (2nd segment) = 2.7% SIN (Angle of climb) = (Thrust - Drag) / WeightThe maximum take-off mass under 2nd segment conditions with 1 engine out is: