Test 10 domande Meteorology, tempo libero

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1 - Which type of cloud is associated with prolonged rain?
2 - What pressure pattern can be observed when a cold front is passing?
3 - What weather conditions can be expected in high pressure areas during summer?
4 - What is the mean height of the tropopause according to ISA (ICAO Standard Atmosphere)?
5 - Under which conditions "back side weather" ("Rückseitenwetter") can be expected?
6 - What phenomenon is caused by cold air downdrafts with precipitation from a fully developed thunderstorm cloud?
7 - Which weather chart shows the actual air pressure as in MSL along with pressure centers and fronts?
8 - The symbol labeled (3) as shown in the picture is a / an... See figure (MET-005) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 4
question 30-70-71-72.jpg
9 - An inversion layer close to the ground can be caused by...
10 - What is the gas composition of "air"?