Test 10 domande Meteorology, tempo libero

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1 - What weather development will result from convergence at ground level?
2 - How do spread and relative humidity change with increasing temperature?
3 - The altimeter can be checked on the ground by setting...
4 - How can wind speed and wind direction be derived from surface weather charts?
5 - What temperatures are most dangerous with respect to airframe icing?
6 - What weather conditions can be expected in high pressure areas during summer?
7 - What type of turbulence is typically found close to the ground on the lee side during Foehn conditions?
8 - Given the following information, what is the true altitude? (rounded to the nearest 50 ft) QNH: 983 hPa Altitude: FL 85 Outside Air Temperature: ISA - 10°
9 - What weather phenomena have to be expected around an upper-level trough?
10 - Which weather chart shows the actual air pressure as in MSL along with pressure centers and fronts?