Test 10 domande Performance and flight planning, tempo libero

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1 - The term "maximum elevation figure" (MEF) is defined as...
2 - For the purpose of a flight preparation, the pilot calculates a total take-off mass of 750 kg and a total moment of 625 mmkg. Which cross marks the center of gravity (CG)? See annex (PFP-003) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 3
question 70-32.jpg
3 - The upper limit of LO R 16 equals... See annex (PFP-056) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 15
question 70-77.jpg
4 - The position of the center of gravity (including fuel) equals... See figure(PFP-053e) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 2
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5 - What is the true airspeed (TAS) [kt] and fuel consumption [l/h] for cruise flight with 60 % power in flight level 60 under the following conditions? Temperature: ISA - 20° C QNH: 980 hPa See annex (PFP-012) (2,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 10
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6 - The end of the green arc (4) indicates which airspeed? See figure (PFP-008) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 8
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7 - At which airspeed do you climb to flight level (FL) 75 after a departure from an airfield which is located at a pressure altitude of 3000 ft with an initial mass of 3000 lbs? OAT at airfield: 25° C OAT in FL 75: 0° C See annex (PFP-023) (1,00 P.) Siehe Anlage 14
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8 - What happens to the true airspeed at a constant indicated airspeed during a climb?
9 - Given the following conditions, the take-off distance equals... Outside air temperature: -20° C Pressure Altitude: 5000 ft Aeroplane mass: 750 kg Headwind: 10 kt
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10 - The angle of descent is defined as...