Test 10 domande Comunicazioni in inglese, tempo libero

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1 - A message concerning aircraft parts and material urgently required is:
2 - Which phrase shall be used if the repetition of an entire message is required:
3 - What are the propagation characteristics of VHF:
4 - Which of these phrases is used to inform the control tower that a pilot perform a missed approach:
5 - Which phraseology is to be used to ask the control tower for permission to taxi on a runway in the direction opposite to that in use ?
6 - The order of priority of the following messages in the aeronautical service is:
7 - What does QTE mean?
8 - The distress message shall contain as many as possible of the following elements/details:
9 - Which phenomena will normally influence the reception of VHF transmission?
10 - Urgency is defined as: