1 - Which phrase shall be used if you want to say: `I understand your message and will comply with it`:
2 - Which frequency shall be used for the first transmission of an urgency call:
3 - The priority of the pilot's message `request QDM` is:
4 - The message to an aeronautical ground station `please call a taxi-cab for us. We will arrive at 1045` is:
5 - An aircraft is instructed to hold short of the runway-in-use. What is the correct phraseology to indicate it will follow this instruction?
6 - Distress is defined as:
7 - When the term `Broken` is used in an aviation routine weather report (METAR), the amount of clouds covering the sky is:
8 - Which phenomena will normally influence the reception of VHF transmission?
9 - RADAR instructs aircraft X-BC: `X-BC squawk standby `. What does this mean?
10 - How should a pilot terminate the read-back of an ATC clearance?