1 - How shall a pilot inform a radar control unit that the aircraft is not equipped with transponder:
2 - Which phrase shall be used if you want to say: `An error has been made in this transmission (or message indicated). The correct version is ...`:
3 - An aircraft is flying north-east at 2500 feet. TOWER requests heading and level. What is the correct response
4 - What is the correct way to transmit and read back frequency 120.375 MHz (VHF channel separated by 25 KHz):
5 - What is the Q-code for `magnetic heading to the station (no wind)?
6 - Which of the following abbreviated call signs of aircraft XY-ABC is correct:
7 - What does the phrase `Squawk 1234` mean:
8 - Shall an ATC route clearance always be read back:
9 - What is the transponder code for radio communication failure
10 - Aircraft XY-ABC is making a test transmission with Stephenville TOWER on frequency 118.7. What is the correct phrasing for this transmission: