Test 10 domande Comunicazioni in inglese, tempo libero

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1 - What are the propagation characteristics of VHF:
2 - Regardless of your position, time figures are transmitted with reference to:
3 - Which phrase shall be used to confirm that a message has been repeated correctly:
4 - An aircraft station fails to establish radio contact with an aeronautical station on the designated frequency. What action is required by the pilot:
5 - Which is the maximum distance at which you might expect solid VHF contact over flat terrain at flight level 100:
6 - Under which of the following circumstances may you expect a solid reception of the TOWER frequency 118.2MHz:
7 - What does QDR mean?
8 - What does the abbreviation `AFIS` mean?
9 - How should aircraft XY-ABC call Stephenville TOWER on initial call ?
10 - Which information can aircraft in flight obtain by VOLMET: