1 - An aircraft is squawking 7600. This indicates:
2 - Which phrase shall be used if you want to say: `An error has been made in this transmission (or message indicated). The correct version is ...`:
3 - What does the abbreviation `FIR` mean?
4 - Distress is defined as:
5 - From your cruising altitude at FL 240, you want to descend to flight level 100. Your transmission to the radar controller is:
6 - The clearance: `cleared for immediate take-off runway 03` is:
7 - What action is required by the pilot of an aircraft station if he/she is unable to establish radio contact with an aeronautical station?
8 - An urgency message shall be preceded by the radiotelephony urgency signal:
9 - What does the term `blind transmission` mean?
10 - If you are requested to report your height, to which Q-code-setting would you refer?