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1 - The order of priority of the following messages in the aeronautical mobile service is:
2 - Which of the following frequencies is an international emergency frequency:
3 - The time is 9:20 A.M. What is the correct way of transmitting this time if there is no possibility of confusion about the hour?
4 - The message to an aeronautical ground station `please call a taxi-cab for us. We will arrive at 1045` is:
5 - Shall an ATC route clearance always be read back:
6 - To which frequency bands do the frequencies 118.000 - 136.975 MHz of the Aeronautical Mobile Service belong?
7 - Which phrase shall be used to confirm that a message has been repeated correctly:
8 - The priority of the pilot's message `request QDM` is:
9 - How should aircraft XY-ABC call Stephenville TOWER on initial call?
10 - What is the radiotelephony call sign suffix for the aeronautical station indicating aerodrome control service: