1 - When may the name of the location or the call sign suffix in the call sign of an aeronautical station be omitted ?
2 - If you are requested to report your height, to which Q-code-setting would you refer?
3 - What is `VOLMET`?
4 - Air traffic control messages (clearances, instructions, etc.) belong to the category of:
5 - What does the instruction `Go around` mean?
6 - RADAR instructs aircraft XY-ABC: `X-BC reset squawk 1015`. What does this mean:
7 - What is the correct way of transmitting the number 3500 when indicating an altitude or an height ?
8 - Select the air traffic service in charge of control of local traffic, take-offs and landings at an airport
9 - What is the Q-code for `magnetic bearing from the station`?
10 - The clearance: `cleared for immediate take-off runway 03` is: